Windows Media Player - does anyone else use it?

Thumbs Up For VLC

I have to agree, VLC is the way to go.

Did you know you could right-click on each library item and choose delete or remove from list?

Who needs the libraries unless you use WMP

I too think VLC is a great little media player ..... And It Is FREE!!!

What about lossless codecs lilke .FLAC as well -- I use the Logitec squeezecenter duo system to audio stream in any case -- this plays FLAC natively without messing around to add new codecs.
( SqueezeCenter: Our powerful and free Open Source software. Runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, BSD and Solaris. )

Microsoft is a SOFTWARE Vendor -- nearly everybody ( including one man and his dog under \"the railway arches\" ) can probably do Multimedia better than MS -- they are only trying to play Catchup -- and messing around with the DRM crud made them fall even firther behind .

THe point is that, strictly speaking from an end-user point of view, do most end-users know of any other formats besides MP3, AVI, DIXV, MIDI, WAV, MPEG and MP4?

All my colleagues have not even heard of FLV in spite of the fact that it's the format used for youtube and myspace videos. And the class which graduated with me a couple of years ago didn't even know that WAV existed until we had to use WAV files for our film project.

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I run MPC for anything I can't play in WMP. I've had too many issues with sound not staying in sync with VLC. With the Win 7 codec pack though I haven't found much that won't play in WMP now.

i like vwmp11 with its toolbar feature, and the fact it is easoer to use, as it is laid out better.

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