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Windows 7 Windows NEW? ALREADY?


New Member
May 9, 2007
I think this is going a bit to far. Microsoft bit the biscuit. Why bother with another version of windows what they gonna use to make us upgrade this time ban us from using any of the new features like the kick in the teeth about dx10 with vista. Am I the only person that thinks this software based bullying is wrong?
Vista has a time expiration? That's news to me.

Anyway, yes, it is a bit annoying to have new version coming out every year, and having to shell out a lot of money to get the new version. But if they lowered the price, to say $129, I wouldn't mind it so much. OS X for example has a new version every year, but is only about $129, so mac users don't complain.
I would still complain anyway. The mac version you just get added on extras, with windows every time they start working on something they end up with a windows operating system that is the biggest pain in the arse and then say well yea you might not no anything about it your gonna learn like it or not and next thing you know xp gets take off the shelves. Then thats it screwed cos pc stores start to get their moneys worth when things fuck up and why because no average person could go and fix their own pc. It's all just a money making ploy.
the_blue_master said:
It's all just a money making ploy.
True. Microsoft is a commercial company.

btw: would it be possible to write you're posts in a syntactic way that is proper even for little kids? You are swearing at least once in each sentence.
It's not as much that he is swearing, i do to, and it's freedom of speech, but please spell properly. I do, and i'm dansish :D

Anyways, i think that as Microsoft starts making new updates to the OS more rapidly, it will become more smooth and painless to upgrade. And by the way, just because a new OS comes out doesn't mean you have to buy it straight away. If there's a short enough while between them you could even skip one version before getting a new.

Personally i only get a new OS when i get a new computer, so the price doesn't really matter to me, as it's included with the computer.
Well, I normally build my own computers, so it does cost me, as I could use the older version of Windows and transfer it. But then again, Windows XP is going to be supported till like 2012, so there is no need to get the new version.
Basicly microsoft realized that they failed with vista.. and they realize they need to fix it.. so instead of releasing updates and new software they already have.. they figure we will just sell it as a new operating system instead of supporting their current vista customers.. becouse anyone who has vista is keen to try new stuff.. which means they will all upgrade as soon as "windows 7" comes out.. I think microsoft just wants more money.. but who blames them.. you can never have enough cash.
NO,you're totally wrong,before xp microsoft had a three yeaqr release cycle for their osses,only vista was an exception,now they,are returning to their strategy...
Microsoft are making a new OS because they know Vista was kind of a fail.
They're making a new OS, because that's what they do. You expect them to be like "Okay, we're done Vista, quitting time, meet back here in 6 years." ? When they're done an OS, they start a new one. Their track from before was 3 years, and that's the track they're on again. It took so long for Vista to come out due to all the work they put into XP to make it the great OS it is now.
And anyway, Microsoft don't need to make money lol...
Kyle - yeah that's true. Microsoft aren't doing anything different or abnormal.
Well, Microsoft has a responsability to make money, so that their stock goes up, and their share holders earn money, just like any other company. Anyway, yes, they want to release a new OS every 2/3 years now, not every 5, like they did between XP and Vista, I guess partly because people get too comfortable with XP, and they want to have more progress more often.