Windows 7 Windows Search Service Doesn´t Works


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Mar 16, 2009
Hi, I have Windows 7 Build 7050.winmain.090305-2000 and the Windows search service doesn´t works. Google Desktop neither.

How i can install it, because in Services menu doesn´t appear.

its there...your just not seeing it. Hit Ctl+alt+del and you should see it running in the processes. I'm on xp now, but tomorrow when I log onto 7 I'll be back...
Ok, I really apreciate the help. Thanks!!!

Any help with this problem? The Search Service is not listed on Services or Task Manager, how I install it? Thanks
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My search bar works but only searching programs. When I want to search word documents or a mp3 o jpg file, they are not listed like in XP. I don´t know why.
I installed win7 with high hopes. but the MS outlook doesn't work properly (doesn't accept the archive folders, doesn't search) and the google desktop misses most of the traget files. am removing win7 and going back to xp/vista
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