Windows 7 Windows Server 2019 . Default Gateway becoming unavailable?


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Jul 20, 2020
Hello, everyone.

I'm building a virtual lab for fun and I'm running into some issues that I could use some help with.

The Default Gateway to my Domain Controller keeps becoming unavailable within a server on the domain. It appears to drop when I try to access the internet from inside the server. I discovered the error when attempting to download chrome from internet explorer.

Resetting the adapter resolves the problem temporarily, but if I try to do anything on the internet, say, install chrome, the internet will drop.

I have static IPs on both the DC and the Server.

Changing Bridge to NAT with the IP set via DHCP in the server itself restores access to the internet, but it appears the server needs to use a static IP if I want to use Windows admin center.

However; when I switched back to Bridged, set the server to a Static IP and attempted to install a browser, the internet speeds dropped to the floor. Ultimately the downloads failed.

The issue appears to be related to assign the Static IP and a preferred DNS to the server.

Would anyone know what might be the issue?

I would appreciate any assistance that is available.

Thank you.

PS: Included an image of an error found in Event Viewer and the status of my Virtual BOX

Thank you all in advance.

Version 6.1.12 R139181
Enable VT-x/AMD-V
Hyper-V (Not applicable)Installed guest additions.
For starters get rid of Google's DNS server you don't want to send any requests to them from an internal servers. You should have everything go to your internal DNS. I'd also not have any forwarders. Anything internal should go to your DNS server and anything external the DNS server should resolve, cache or use a root hint to figure out which DNS server to query.
I would install wireshark on the problematic server and run a capture the next time you have the problem. You can PM it to me so it's not publically available on a forum.

It could be a DNS problem if it's trying to resolve the DC via googles DNS which will fail. Common tests and things to look at would be

Ping the DC
Run nslookup and try resolving the DC name
look at the ARP cache and route table arp -a and route print
Thank you so much for your reply.

I apologize that it is late. I work full time and I just haven't been able to formulate a response.

I'm going to do everything you mentioned later tonight. Afterward, I'll send a DM.

Thank you so much for your help. It has been surprisingly difficult to find people available to help with networking and servers.

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