windows server active directory will not allow workstations to log on

i have covered loads of tutorials and my settings seem to be correct but i just can not get my workstations to log on.

my server has the following config 2 nic cards but one disabled due to reducing problems. nic 1 ip adress gateway : (my router) DNS and in this order.

my router is the DHCP server

i dont have any errors showing in the active directory section but the dns is showing the following

here is the settings from my IP address settings

as i say i have looked at various Tuts and they almost say the same my settings are correct.. IPv6 is disabled

what am i doing wrong?


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It would help if we knew exactly what you were experiencing in the form of an error or informational dialog box when attempting to authenticate to the domain from one of your clients.
Are all your clients receiving the address as their preferred DNS server from your router? If not you may want to fix that.
And initially at least, use the domain admin username from the client when attempting to log in just to avoid any random authentication issues.

An attempt to resolve the DNS name of a domain controller in the domain being joined has failed. please confirm the client id configured to reach a DNS server that can resolve DNS names in the target domain


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If your DHCP is on your router at then this server can't be reached because your dns doesn't have that number.

Remove the loop-back ( and put your router address instead;

P.s. your GATEWAY is the router... not the sever because the router is in control of the (gateway to the) internet!

p.p.s with older servers like this one, you are better setting the ip address to auto then reserve the number 200 at the routers dhcp settings... makes finding things on the network a bit faster.

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