Windows System Sounds Beeps Every Second or so.

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    I got this computer a month ago, but had to reinstall windows a fortnight ago due to a bad hard drive that had to be replaced. The computer has been functioning perfectly since then, however tonight it started to beep about once every second.

    The sound comes out of the speakers, and lowering or muting the sound in windows lowers or mutes the sound of the beeps respectively.

    Muting the "system sounds" in the windows volume mixer stops it from beeping, however changing the windows sound scheme to "no sounds" does not. This has provided a temporary work-around, but I'd still like to get to the root of the problem. I have tried using different speakers, but it didn't have any effect.

    Searching the internet hasn't come up with any solutions, so I thought I'd try here before resorting to a reinstall/restore. Does anyone have any ideas?

    EDIT: OK, i fixed it myself. I have to use a non-usb keyboard to access the bios (for some strange reason), and it seems i accidentally left that keyboard in. Someone else in the house left some junk on top of it which was pressing down all the keys. i feel like a bit of a fool now.
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    Well spotted - can take ages to identify root cause of problems like that.

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