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    This explanation is pretty long, so get comfortable.

    Before the error I had Windows 8.1. After installing a conversion skin wrong(getting a version for Windows 8 instead of Windows 8.1), I was forced to refresh my computer. It was downgraded back to Windows 8. Afterwards, i went to Windows Update and installed updates for my computer(there was around 100). When it was finished I restarted my computer.

    Afterwards, it boots into Automatic Repair. Trying to boot into Windows normally freezes on the ASUS logo.

    So I refreshed my computer again and did some tests. I tried a number of things, such as doing one at a time or a few at a time, which all ended at the Automatic Repair.

    On the infiniteth refresh, I downloaded the Windows Update Troubleshooter.

    It said it resolved 3 problems:
    -Windows Update error 0x80070003(current time stamp)
    -Service registration is missing or corrupt
    -Problems installing recent updates (half the time says Not Fixed)

    But nothing seems to be fixed, and the same errors return whenever the troubleshooter is ran.

    Looking into it, I found that my version of Windows Update Agent(7.8.9200.16465) did not match the version of the most updated (7.8.9200.16693). I did a google search and found no easy way to re download.

    Afterwards I did a full system reset, which did not make a difference. But trying to boot into Safe Mode gave me "failed to configure updates. Reverting Changes". It seemed to be frozen, so I force shut down the computer.

    And this is where I'm at now. Is there anything that I can do to fix this?

    Computer Specs:
    Windows 8
    Intel Core i7-4500 CPU @ 1.80 GHz
    7.89 GB Usable RAM
    64-bit OS and Processer

    Connected Items during Updates:
    HDMI cable
    Ethernet Cable
    Charger Cord

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