WinXP in VBox internet for google but nothing else?


I have finally got around to trying to use the software I Wanted to use in winxp however as the software has a virus in it I wanted to install a virus checker first, however despite the vbox giving it internet access, I can only seem to access which does work because I can put a search term in it and is shows the results. However avg, and sky news wont load up, I just get a weird connection error issue. SP 3 was installed successfully, do these sites not load up because they need added security downloaded from the MS website? I didn't want to go downloading updates of MS prematurely because the software itself might not work (remember I am using winxp because its old software). Thanks in advance for any advice.

As its a vbox the virus issue dont really matter, just wondered why no internet for the other sites.
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You'll be lucky if much of anything internet wise will work in XP. TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 are getting deprecated and XP doesn't support higher than TLS 1.0