Wireless Issues.....


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I have an HP Pravilion ZV6000 the only real issue that I am having is that I cannot seem to get the wireless to work right.... I have tried the windows update drivers and the older XP drivers for the broadcom 802.11 WLAN off the HP drivers downloads page, Download speeds are at an insanly slow 1 to 4 kb/s and the wireless connection seems to go down then back up.... I installed the Beta release 6956, then I installed windows xp just to see if the wireless adaptor got messed up some how, however XP showed no signs connectivity issues.....

Well thought id through this out their.....


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Sounds like a problem with the driver. You will just have to wait until they come out with one specifically designed for windows 7.


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Yeah, thats what it has to be I even went as far as searching for broadcom driver fixes for vista, tried 4 or 5 differnt drivers, they all worked, just not properly. I have it on my desktop that is wired and works awsome! A few minor glitches like the audio but I use it for photoshop only my laptop is internet and music so its working great....

other known issues that I found are alot of the photoshop plugins that work with photoshop cs4 on xp and vista dont work on windows 7 mainly the autofx and onone plugin suites