wireless problems in Vista RC2, Limited Connectivity Issue.....

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Networking' started by JordanJ-P, Oct 26, 2006.

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    Hello all I'm new here on the forum and this is my first post here !

    I love Vista, I've been keeping up with all the news and hype of this new OS for months now. But yesterday after anxiously installing Vista RC2, to my amazment, I noticed a small problem with my wireless connection.....

    Basically I've got a DLINK DWL-G122 wireless USB adapter (rev c.) Wireless USB Adapter - DWL-G122 by D-Link connected to my PC and I've got an all in one modem/router (Speedstream 6520).....New Page 1

    And whenever I try connecting to my wireless home network, it works but only some times.....usaully I always have to play around with settings to make it work.....is there a way to fix this ? I usaully get a message saying "Limited Connectivity"......I am able to get a very good signal with good speeds 54.00 mbps.....

    So i am still asking myself what is causing this Limited Connectivity Issue ?

    I dual boot windows xp home edition and Vista RC2.....on my pc.......when I use xp, I can connect no problem to my wireless network....It's only when i enter Vista, I sometimes have issues with wireless conenctivity problems....

    any help would be greatly appreciated !

    Jordan J-P :D
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    Nov 13, 2006
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    had the same problem, however this was with a Netgear router. i had to re-set the router and i found it worked. if your network is WEP then all you need do is enter the code and your wireless will prompt for the remainder. :p
  3. G122 adapter

    I have installed RC2 yesterday and the adapter is not getting recognized.
    Please let me know the version of the driver you have used for obtaining the 'limited connectivity'.


    And now that I got your attention, allow me to share this wonderful driver:

    MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service (mirror 1)

    Download G122_x64_Driver.zip (mirror 2)

    I have also uploaded this to driverguide.com in hopes that I will aid others in thier search for a vista compatible driver.

    The only thing that *might* cause issues is by installing this driver without disabling `driver certificates` using the F8 boot menu.

    Otherwise, Enjoy :)
  5. Limited Connectivity with Vista Wireless

    Recently purchased HP with Vista. The wireless shows a connection and 54 Mbps but then limited connectivity. It worked for about 5 minutes and then stopped. Been doing this for 2 days. Any ideas why this is happening. the guy at the store said just turn it on and it should work. HA.
  6. I have the same problem

    I have the same problem. Using a DLInk GWL-G132 USB network adapter. Signal starts as good, works for a while. Then I cannot connect again. I have desktop next to this one with XP and the adapter works just fine there.
  7. Lifebook

    I have a fugitsu Lifebook... same problem here. Seems when it happens, I can get it working again by shutting the radio off and turning itback on again. Weirdly though, the quicklaunch icon shows that the connection is now local and intarweb, but when I click on it to see the available access points, they all still show as local only.

    Not only that, but it also seems to forget I have a fingerprint scanner every once in a while. Seems Vista has a few problems with device support. Good luck :)
  8. Wireless Problems

    Having weird problem as well. Bought a new VAIO w/Vista Home Edition and upgraded to Vista Ultimate due to work requirements. At work, connects fine to the wireless network, but won't remember the WEP key, which has to be entered each time . . .

    At home, it gets downright strange. I too am able to connect, but "local access" only. If I go to Device Manager and uninstall my wireless device (but NOT the driver), the device will reinstall and work perfectly. The MS tech guy I spoke with is baffled as well.

    Try the uninstall - - - it is a work-around until the cause is determined.
  9. Unhappy Chappy

    I have a home network with a desktop running XP hard wired to a wireless router, a laptop running XP and using a pen type wireless connector, and a laptop running Vista with built in wireless connector.

    The hard wired desktop shares files and connects to the internet, all as one would expect.
    The XP laptop similarly shares files, connectes to the internet and uses the printer attached to the desktop.
    The Vista laptop connects to the internet until its been standing idle for a while, and then nothing will persuade it to reconnect. The only way to reconnect to the internet is to reboot.

    Sometimes the Vista laptop will see the other computers on the network, and on special once in a blue moon occasionas, lets you use the printer on the desktop, but more often than not seems to think its all alone in the world.

    Vista's network diagnostic tool just returns 'unable to diagnose fault'

    Don't want to hard wire this too, as it defeats the object of having a laptop, but I see no other option, unless someone comes up with a solution to stop this.
  10. Connection Issue

    I am also having problems!! I just bought a Compaq Presario laptop with wireless capabilities.

    However, at least 3 times daily I have to turn it off, turn the modem off etc and the wireless router and then restart them all because it switches to local only or "limited connectivity".

    We have a Belkin wireless router and I am also not thinking about getting an extension to our data cable to plug into the internet. I am so frustrated with this. It is such a waste of time and money.
  11. Can help with part of problem

    As far as the vista machine not being able to find the other xp machines. There is an update for xp called LLTD (linked layer typology discovery) which is what vista uses to see the other machines. May not help locating your printers, but will put the xp machines in their proper places. See Network Map in Windows Vista does not display computers that are running Windows XP for description and download.

    Regarding the limited connectivity. I have had the same problem with a presario dv9000 runing vista ultimate with an N wireless and a linksys 350N router set up to run mixed mode. The problem for me appears to show up when I move the Vista machine to the other end of the house, when it not only crashes the connection to the machine, but brings down the entire wireless network. One of my xp machine complains of an IP address conflict, and the vistas give the local access only and occasionally fail to recognize the wireless router as a known network.

    I have a sneaking suspicion that there may be issues with switching between the narrow and wide bands as I move or with the CTS protection mode.

    Does any of this ring a bell with your situations?

  12. the problem is ipv6 and ipv4

    Seems the problem is the new ip system Microsoft put on vista. It's not fully compatible whith all routers and machines around world, so if you plan to travel with a vista notebook, forget it or you will be off line on those hotels wifi sistems companies. Thas what microsoft is about! (lack of a minimum brained person there)
  13. I have a new toshiba laptop with vista and it works great on wireless at home which has a n-link but when i go to my school (Nscc) dartmouth I can't connect, it tells me there are connects but they are limited and at times it connects but only lasts for minutes does anyone else have a simalir problem, I have talk to the tech guys like a million times and they can fix the problem for like the laptop but then I lose it again, does anyone know a way to reconnect to the wireless.
  14. Dartmouth with Toshiba running vista, I feel your pain. I am at drexel U with the same problem. Its really starting to piss me off.
  15. I have problems with the wireless on vista. The same pc with the same wireless network usb adapter worked absoloutly fine with XP. as soon as i upgraded, boom, problems occur. Every time i download some, even from places like iTunes, my network disconnects and i have to disable and reenable from the device manager.

    ah well, vista sucks. fact.
  16. nuttifeetfirst

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    vista works well

    :p Please can you name the adaptor in question, there have been several issues the main being Intel 3495abg mini card and this was all to do with software and drivers. It must be pointed out Vista controls the wireless adaptor and not the software that comes with them as in XP and this cannot be changed. the drivers for all wireless cards that are Vista able work well, and once the correct drivers are installed all should be OK. There are exceptions and in my case i had to change the wireless card to stop wireless drops, i also used Intel drivers and not the Dell drivers at the time.

    like you when the wireless dropped all the network dropped however once i changed wireless card and drivers all was well then work at it and you shall be rewarded.
  17. wireless issues galore (DEATH TO VISTA)

    I am in college right now, and at my school there isn't really wireless, we use the cable to hook up to the internet. While last break when I came home my laptop connected to my home wireless fine, but this break, it just stopped working for no reason that I can figure out... I'm terribly frustrated with Vista at this point anyway, since I had to restore to factory condition (i'm guessing my wireless problem has something to do with that, but I don't know what). My password just stopped workign,a dn when I called HP i was told that happens sometimes O.O Then I did the back up that vista allows you to do before you restore to factory condition - but it didn't work!!! Not only was i forced to use a USB and not able to use a DVD, but the information that was supposedly put onto the drive did not show up on the drive later on. I'm pretty furious in general right now, and if anyone has any ideas about the wireless, that would make me at least slightly less angry...

  18. nuttifeetfirst

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    The issue of limited connectivity is not un common, when you are using Wireless, the primary causes is are generally interfearence form other radio's possibly nearby. Not to worry, re-set the router and try again to connect. however please let us know what router, and wireless card you use, because some routers and wireless cards were not very Vista Friendly at the start. I can assure you wireless works very well in Vista and is secure.
  19. I had a problem with utorrent and basically every other software out there that heavily uses the bandwidth. Basically what happened was that each time I tried to download something my wireless connection turned to limited connectivity. I know Vista has been having problems with some wireless and LAN connections, so I decided I need to find a solution.

    After two hours of looking into network, router, adapter configurations, countless resetting, restarting updating the firmware, the answer was finally there for me and can be for you as well - certainly won't hurt to try.

    And it is as simple as...

    Disable NetBIOS (it's on default as a standard)

    voila everything works perfect now
  20. waseef

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    Dec 20, 2007
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    Hi Guys,


    I am having a similar problem, my wireless connection is connecting but the message is "Access: Limited Connectivity" since last night. I was working fine since few months.

    Please help me out. My email is waseef.ahmed@gmail.com


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