wireless problems in Vista RC2, Limited Connectivity Issue.....

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Networking' started by JordanJ-P, Oct 26, 2006.

  1. Same here. Dell Inspiron 6400 with Vista Home premium 32 bit and Netgear router. Everything worked perfectly for 8 months, now since last week constant drops and limited connectivity. Disconnects every 5 mins, moreso during heavy bandwidth use.

    Pain in the arse.

    Any ideas?
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    Anti-Virus and Spyware scans may help. Re-install network drivers could also. If all fails contact your ISP.
  3. Purchased HP Slimline Vista Home with Intel USB Wireless 802.11 b/g adaptorabout a year ago. Connected wirelessly to a NetGear WGR614 v6 router. This worked fine for about 10 months, no problems whatsoever, but recently the connection would just die and come back a while later for no reason. I reset the router and re-setup wireless on my laptop (XP)and desktop (Vista). Now it gives me a limited or no connectivity error! It seems to me all this started occurring after a vista update, as there was a wireless option on the control panel that is now gone, I had previously used this to successfully set-up my wireless connection. I thought maybe it was interference, so I brought my laptop upstairs next to my desktop and it works just fine. I don't know what the damn problem is and it is pissing me off, Vista sucks! I am going to try uninstalling the wireless connection and updating the router and wireless adapter, we'll see where it gets me. Any help is appreciated. I can't even get online, I'll just use my USB drive, sheesh!
  4. At least I amnot alone!
    Bought Dell Inspiron 530 for my son for Xmas. PC is fine but will not connect to internet via wireless. Connects as it should but shows 'limited connectivity' so no access to internet. Works fine with ethernet cable to router. I have three other PC's all connected wirelessly but all running Windows XP.

    I have replaced the wireless card, hooked up another router as well, no different. Spent two hours on phone with Dell technician, ended up restoring system to 'factory image' as suggested by Dell, lost all the loaded files etc. but just the same. Vista is a joke and wish I had now specified XP when I bought it!
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    i have a WIRELESS 6520 - TELSTRA 6978

    Generally when vista updrades a few programs DROP OUT inc Internet connection.
    Problem is with VISTA, as another computer with XP is ok.


    Switch modem on/off

    Delete Wireless connection
    ADD new wireless connection..

    Works %50 of the time

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    I also had this issue once after updates, however now all is well.
    The first action to take when this happens is to make sure that all drivers are up to date, and that you have reset your router. Most routers have a reset button which is activated by the use of a paper clip. insert end of paper clip through hole and hold it on untill all lights flash then release it. Power off the router Modem then power on wait till all lights are working then try again.:p

    In the very begining Vista did have some problems with compatibility and wireless, however it has been my experience that there have been no issues since using a compatible wireless card. It appears that Vista is for the next generation Wireless A.G.N. and with this all works very well. admittedly there are some issues, however this is not to do with Vista, it is with the third party component people where their hardware is not compatible, therefore beware choose all components carefully and there should be no issues.
  7. Re: wireless problems in Vista, Limited Connectivity Local only .....

    I had this problem over this past week+, read lots of posts on lots of boards like this, tried lots of proposed solutions, updated drivers, firmware, a Microsoft Hotfix that sounded like just the ticket (but it didn't work), tried some workarounds, etc., and eventually came across this, which was the solution for me:

    Windows Vista cannot obtain an IP address from certain routers or from certain non-Microsoft DHCP servers

    I did the fix under Resolution, and not the additional one under More Information.

    I have a Lenovo ThinkPad T61 with Intel network adapters.

    Everything seems to be working smoothly now.
  8. Thanks for the solution, I was already spending hour exactly on this problem....!

    Running Vista on an ASUS eeePC

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    Please let me know the exact symtoms. I would like to know how your wireless router is configured etc, and i shall do my best to help. In general vista works well with most wireless routers and cards however there are the exceptions, so please post all info and se if we can solve issue.
  10. I was having similar problems and spoke to Linksys support.

    I had created a 4 character passphrase for the WEP encryption. The agent suggested I enter the full key code.

    This worked for the 2 computers I was having this issue with. One Vista and 1 XP Pro.

    Only the computer Gods know why - I hope this helps someone else out this aggravating situation.
  11. limited connectivity

    i baught a laptop with windows xp.My wireless internet worked fine.
    After a fue munts i decided to up date my laptop to vista home printum.
    After i up dated my laptop my wireless internet said limited connectivity.
    My laptop has a excelent connection my web page can not be displayed.
    My ipv4 connectivity and my ipv6 connectivity are boath limited.
    Can anny help me with this problem. I have it for a long time.
  12. Re: limited connectivity

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    Something is weird because I get limited connectivity suddenly while I'm on dial-up, and rebooting also fixes it. It tells me to switch to wireless, but sometimes I can't get it that way either. I have to reboot...........
  14. "some routers and wireless cards were not very Vista Friendly at the start"

    Don't you mean "Vista was not friendly towards some routers and wireless cards from the start" ?????????

    I have a wireless network - all machines (XP, Ubuntu, Mac etc) work absolutely perfectly and never fail to connect, then my daughter bought a new Acer notebook with Vista on it and this will not work on the wireless, we HAVE had it working, but only after rebooting her computer and rebooting the router, which should not be necessary every time (and it annoys other people on the network if all of a sudden the router is turned off)
    Any solutions I will happily try, otherwise I will just put Ubuntu on her machine as she only uses it for internet and chat. Strangely enough Vista can see all the neighbour's networks but not ours. The router is 2 years old and I refuse to purchase a new one.
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    Hi all - try this:

    Disable IPv6 in the Wireless Properties and reboot.
    Go back into Wireless Properties and select the IPv4 properties, set the IP Address to be or another unused IP on your network, Subnet mask, default gateway, DNS server and click OK.
    Try reconnecting to your router.

    This worked for me.

    Cheers, Hoonster

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