won't let me use all 4gb of my ram

how do i fix the usable ram thing

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here below is a picture of what my usable ram is i tried unchecking the maximum ram but that was already unchecked and went to task manager so i don't know what to do please help


i didn't know what to put for that so i put the answer xD

btw I'm using windows 8.1


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32 bit OS or 64 bit?
If 32 bit that is the limit.


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32 bit OS or 64 bit?
The image the OP attached reflects a 64 bit OS and Processor, so.....
My best guess is, since it looks like it may be a laptop with the "M" designation on the processor, onboard video claiming a portion of the memory.


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Yep engaged fingers before brain.


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You can adjust how much ram the graphics card gets from within the bios

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