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Windows 8 Would Windows Desktop stay for the foreseeable future?


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Jun 10, 2012
Many of us think that by the time Windows 9 or 10 arrives the desktop would disappear. But according to the following MSDN blog, Microsoft considers desktop important and intends to keep desktop for the foreseeable future:

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But this blog is an year old and within an year we have seen great changes in Microsoft's thoughts about desktop and how much they stripped down the desktop in Windows 8. So what you think about the future of Windows desktop? Kindly post your views. :)
There are millions of conventional PCs (desktops and laptops) running various Windows OSs in service. In addition Win 7 will be in support to, what, 2020 or something like that. In addition I believe there are many, many people that when they upgrade H/W will continue with conventional H/W. Perhaps moving from desktops to laptops, but still conventional.

IMO, there will be the desktop for the foreseeable future.
The desktop is such a handy thing. Its also widely recognized by even people in places where computers aren't common. Its a symbol of computing and Windows essentially. Its the english language of computers.
There is far too much emphasis on the Windows 8 desktop, or lack of. It is still there, but a click away. The only thing which has been
"stripped", id the conventional Start menu with it's accompanying globe. This has been changed to an invisible click function, in the same place, which takes you back to the new graphical (Metro as it was originally called) start menu.
Apart from this, MS have not moved away from the desktop. You must remember that this is designed primarily for tablets/laptops or whatever you may wish to call them, but consideration has been left wide open for the desktop users. I doubt this is going to vanish anytime soon.
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Heck I use the Desktop 100% of the time. My desktop looks remarkable like my desktop on Win 7. I have to look to make sure I'm still on the desktop at times. I just do not understand the bru-ha-ha over the desktop or Win 8 UI (I guess this is the latest rumored new name for Metro) It's a single click to go to the desktop. Big deal!
Agree! Win8 is designed for ALL machines & the huge proliferation of desktop machines will be a huge part of our computing use for a long time to come & although, other devices are being addressed, it is not @ the expense of conventional desktops & laptops.

It is, also, true that when using Win8 Desktop, aside from accessing things in different ways & places than the past, things are, basically, in line w/ the 'familiar'.

And, as stated, 1 click goes to Desktop & any APPS one may care to use, whenever, can easily be selected from Start, before going to Desktop OR equally, easily after going to Desktop... nor does using any APPs mean needing to leave Desktop & hang around on the Start screen.

Sometimes I, honestly, wish some of those making a negative fuss about Win8 use & navigation could sit beside me and see & understand, immediately, for themselves, of what it is we speak.

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The desktop will ALWAYS be in Windows.

There is no way Microsoft would allow a huge chunk of their market to disappear. Not all businesses would want to use the Server OS.
I suppose MS may release a 'Home' version in the future without the desktop for people who just want the 'bare bones'. Music, Video, Internet etc.

I can't understand why bolting on a startscreen interface is causing so much speculation and negativity. Get over it!!!
Ah, see? People ARE catching on... just a matter of time, discovery & understanding.

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From gedeee "
I can't understand why bolting on a startscreen interface is causing so much speculation and negativity. Get over it!!!"

Finally getting through. I really like that quote! I have been advocating this thought for some months. I cannot see how, even by Microsoft, this has become called a "desktop". I , after first examination many months ago, saw it as a Program menu, albeit it needed customising. But didn't previous start menus require customising, to suit individual taste?
I am sure we can all remember, from way back, the odd request for a "hack", to enable those who preferred it to shortcuts on the taskbar or desktop, a way to arrive, on boot, to the All programs, section of the start - bypassing the globe and the initial click for Programs. The only thing that has changed in Windows 8 is that the "Metro screen which a user arrives at, is an expanded Graphical, "All programs", Start Menu. With that in mind, it is very easy to customise it and use it as such.
If one wishes to remain with the earlier system, however, the familiar desktop is one click away. It is a pity that MS did not, having kept that opportunity, did not extend it to also include the old Start menu, for those who needed it. However, there are third party programs, already on the increase, which will now do this for us.
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Right on, Dave! Also, w/out adding any 3rd party things and w/out having anything except the Desktop tile on Start, one can access everything via WinQ... Win8 (navigating) can be very tidy... and not require a plethora of tiles on Start or any need to keep going to Start, @ all.

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