XP or Win 7??


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I have a Netbook with XP and it does what I want but I received a new Toshiba laptop for Xmas with Win 7.

I’m considering downloading all the drivers I need for my Toshiba and then installing XP on it.

Why should I keep Win 7 and not revert to XP on my new laptop???

Hello Rus,

Why not have the best of both?
You have your XP set and running they you want, why not keep the Windows 7 for a while and try it out before changing it, you may end up liking it.
If you still consider putting XP on the Toshiba, I would make a full DVD backup of 7, unless you have a 7 recovery disc.
Just keep in mind, which I'm sure you're aware of, all support from MS for XP & Vista ends April 2014.


Hi Rus & Welcome,

I will not mince words here. As I tell my clients, giving good advice is where things must start. To make a choice, certainly, @ this point in time, between XP & Windows7 is an absolute 'no brainer'... go w/ 7, hands down. Enjoy the Toshiba & leave it w/ 7. I say this for a number of reasons & on many levels.

XP is/was a fine OS & is like a fine horse whose time has come to be turned out to pasture.
Yes, support is ending; damn thing is 12 years old.
Security & a plethora of other Features are better & certainly more modern than XP.
Much, in terms of both hardware & definitely, software, is no longer made for XP.
Many ('now') important things will not run on XP.

I could go on & on but, just be glad you have 7 & enjoy it.



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Trust me, you\'ll have no regrets. I had an Acer Aspire One that I purchased during the beta period of Windows 7 (February 2009 maybe) and installed the beta and final builds of Windows 7 on it and never had any issues - it was always very fast too.

The computer only had a 1 GHz atom processor with a gig of RAM, if that tells you anything about what to expect.

As good as XP is why take a big step backwards? Win 7 is far better than Vista and you will get use to it quickly.


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OK. You've all convinced me. I still will have to keep my Lenovo Netbook with XP so I can load my ebooks and use my camera to download pics. My old Kyocera smartphone (7135) software won't work with Win 7. I haven't tried my camera software with Win 7 yet.

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