Windows 7 Zune software icon missing? (7100)


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Apr 25, 2009
I have no idea if this problem was also in beta or not, but I just installed the Zune software, then pinned it to the taskbar. The icon was working for awhile until it turned into the generic program icon. Any way to fix this?


This has also seemed to happen to Xfire...
At first I though maybe the path was incorrect., but you say it';s working.

When you change the icon back, it refuses to start?

Try going to the Zune folder, create a shortcut from Zune.exe, drag it to the desktop, then pin it to the taskbar.
I managed to figure out a workaround.

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I used the icon from "ZuneLauncher.exe" and it seems to be fine. It is as if the icon in the program is corrupted or something, but I have reinstalled with no fix. Hope they fix this bug in RTM.
That is a real oddity.

As you, I thought that the Zune.exe file may be corrupts because it did have a true icon representing the program.

Some of my old 16-bit programs do not show true icons either.

It seems Windows 7 requires multiple sizes and resolutions of the icons or it simply display the default (unknown) icon.
I had the same problem with Win Vista x32.I opened it's prop. then clicked change icon and it showed Zune's icon. So i just simply double-clicked the icon hit, ok then apply and somehow that fixed it... Hope it helps.
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