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  1. T

    FTP not working over WAN, Server 2016

    Hello All, I am hoping that someone can assist. I have searched the forums, and have not been able to find a solution. I have a Windows 2016 running an FTP server. I can access locally to the direct server IP with no issues. I have my firewall set to port forward traffic from my public IP, to...
  2. Zack12

    Transfer large amount of files

    I have about 3 million files and folders sized (240G) on a local PC . Once the main job is synced only a thousand or so files change every day. What I am trying to do is to sync the entire contents to a webhost via ftp and keep it updated as the files change on my local PC. So what I need , is...
  3. A

    Windows 10 Setting up a simple FTP

    Hello there! I've decided to try to set up a small FTP server to use so that I can easily work on a project from home and from school on two different computers and it isn't going too well. I made an FTP server a few years ago so I know it's possible that I'm just making a simple mistake or...