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Could anyone recommend a good quality FTP scheduler tool? I've been using FTP Voyager v.15, which has an excellent scheduler, but I recently started using Windows 8 and v.15 of FTP Voyager doesn't work so well.

Version 16 of FTP Voyager is free and probably does work, but they made big changes to the program and the scheduler is nowhere near as good in v.16 as it was in v.15! After trying it a while ago, I reverted to v.15 of the software.

Ideally I would prefer a free application but willing to pay for something that does the job well (and is not too expensive). I schedule FTP tasks to run regularly in order to make backups of web sites and to backup web site databases.



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Try FlashFXP . The best FTP client I know of.

Thanks for that suggestion. I had a good look at FlashFXP but it is lacking in a few areas. You can only compare a single folder when it comes to synchronisation, but I really need something that also compares subfolders. Also it has a scheduler, but the scheduler needs to be able to compare folders (and subfolders) before deciding what to download and this functionality does not seem to exist.

I need an FTP tool that will allow me to backup files from web sites to my local PC on a schedule. I found a useful tool that allows me to do this called FullSync*. It is quite basic but it allows me to schedule regular backups. For FTP, I will probably continue to use FTP Voyager (and Dreamweaver's built in FTP tool).

I should correct what I said in my previous post. FTP Voyager v.15 works ok on Windows 8.1, but the tool that comes with it, FTP Voyager Scheduler v.15, does not work so well in Windows 8.1.


*Link to FullSync web site: http://fullsync.sourceforge.net/

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