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    Random BSODs while gaming even after clean resetting Windows and updating all drivers

    Recently I've been having an issue with increasingly frequent and very random BSODs presenting themselves while my 2012 W7 desktop is under heavy stress, most often while playing games. They are hard to replicate, but seemingly ever-present (and at the worst times too). This has been plaguing my...
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    BSOD MEMORY_MANAGEMENT in ntoskrnl.exe and sometimes FLTMGR.SYS [SOLVED]

    I've been having them every few days since I upgraded from Win7. I did a clean install, but they persisted. I ran the driver verifier, and at first it crashed with the driver from NoMachine in memory, so I uninstalled that, but still kept getting BSOD. Ran driver verifier again and came up...
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    Blue Screens, corrupted files and restart loops!

    So for the past year or so i have been having problems with my computer, blue screens, corrupted files etc. A couple of months ago my SSD crashed so i returned it and turned in my motherboard for testing. They said they found errors on the motherboard so i got a new SSD and motherboard and...
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    BSODs need help reading dump files

    I am currently getting multiple BSODs while playing games, or watching videos on youtube. I see a common problem is the ntoskrnl.exe image not loading properly. If I upload a couple of these dumps, can someone help me pinpoint my issue? Thanks, Mitch
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