1. WareNetwork2000

    Windows 11 Computer getting bluescreens every day since I upgraded to Windows 11.

    Hey. Ever since I upgraded to Windows 11, my computer has been getting multiple bluescreens every day and so far, I've found absolutely no way to fix this. Most of them are caused by "ntoskrnl.exe" and even after running the minidumps through a debugger, some of them don't tell me the process...
  2. Pep

    Windows 10 BSOD Memory management

    Hello, I'been checking on this forum about how to fix bsod Memory management issue, I tried everything, I pass memtest more than 8 hours, no one error coming up, my system is Windows 10 64bits, version 1909 My specs are Cpu AMD threadripper 1950x Nvidia Quadro P4000 48Gb Ram I'm using my PC...
  3. Brepsel

    Windows 10 Need help with BSOD / ntoskrnl.exe+ 1c14e0

    Hey all, I've been having a lot of issues with a variety of BSOD's, but the one thing that they all have in common is the adress: ntoskrnl.exe+ 1c14e0. From the last couple of days its been: KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION Before that it has...
  4. L

    Windows 10 BSOD ntoskrnl.exe

    Hi, I am new to the forum... Can anyone help with a repeated BSOD. The BSOD viewer states the following:- All are related to 'ntoskrnl.exe' and are when my son plays Fortnite!! Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. A

    Windows 10 Random BSODs while gaming even after clean resetting Windows and updating all drivers

    Recently I've been having an issue with increasingly frequent and very random BSODs presenting themselves while my 2012 W7 desktop is under heavy stress, most often while playing games. They are hard to replicate, but seemingly ever-present (and at the worst times too). This has been plaguing my...
  6. F

    Windows 10 BSOD MEMORY_MANAGEMENT in ntoskrnl.exe and sometimes FLTMGR.SYS [SOLVED]

    I've been having them every few days since I upgraded from Win7. I did a clean install, but they persisted. I ran the driver verifier, and at first it crashed with the driver from NoMachine in memory, so I uninstalled that, but still kept getting BSOD. Ran driver verifier again and came up...
  7. J

    Windows 8 Blue Screens, corrupted files and restart loops!

    So for the past year or so i have been having problems with my computer, blue screens, corrupted files etc. A couple of months ago my SSD crashed so i returned it and turned in my motherboard for testing. They said they found errors on the motherboard so i got a new SSD and motherboard and...
  8. M

    Windows 7 BSODs need help reading dump files

    I am currently getting multiple BSODs while playing games, or watching videos on youtube. I see a common problem is the ntoskrnl.exe image not loading properly. If I upload a couple of these dumps, can someone help me pinpoint my issue? Thanks, Mitch