1. F

    Windows 10 Need help ASAP

    Guys, I need help with something. It's about my Windows laptop. It's an HP laptop. Right now I'm experiencing a huge problem. When I turn it on and start using it for about three hours, it works fine but after those three hours, my laptop starts acting up. The problem is this: the internet (my...
  2. N

    Windows XP Problem formatting HDD

    Hey guys, I tried to format my HDD during installation proces and there was no option to perform this task. It just gave me the option to install Win XP on that drive in the same folder or to install it in the other one (I did it anyway, so now I just have 4 Gb of free space, instead of 30). Any...
  3. Jokubas Matonis

    PC Light Ring Is Not Powering on.

    I Had This PC in 2011 and why in 2011? beacuse my old pc doesnt look cool but this pc is aswell not overheating beacuse at back they put a pipe to let fan to send dust to the pipe to save pc but in 2012 pc light did not turn on this hapenned with my CMOS baterry errors so my dad got from a old...
  4. T

    Windows 8 Windows 8.1 icon problem

    I've just bought a new laptop with windows 8.1 installed. I had a PC, so I copied the Fonts folder in that PC and pasted into my new laptop. And then it happened (you can see down there, in the yellow and red circles; so are the arrows in the login screen and the apps list). In my opinion, that...
  5. K

    Windows 10 Windows blackscreen on startup

    So I'm making this thread as I am having the same problem as another user on here where the windows 10 download was working up until the 75% mark and my desktop restarted and I am now stuck on a blackscreen. I have no startup screen usage or anything the computer boots up as normal and is stuck...
  6. A

    Windows 10 I Can't open ''Get Windows 10'' Icon

    Hi! After some problems, I just updated my windows 7 with KB3035583 patch and finally I can see ''get windows 10'' icon, but when I open the Icon It says ''please wait'', and suddenly It closes, everytime I try to open it, it closes very fast so I can't Preorder Windows 10. What can I do? Thank You
  7. Jonathan West

    Windows 8 Apps close After opening

    When i try to open a system app, like Windows store, or something like that. It imediatly closes right when it opens, but i can still see it in the taskbar. Pleases tell me how to fix this. Im afraid ill still have the problem when i get windows 10.
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