Insider Preview 3 days of Win 10 --- my verdict


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In the opinion of an ordinary Windows user of 9 years, I am not impressed.
What exactly Win 10 can do that Win 8.1 cannot ?

The Start Menu Tiles ?
They don't look pretty or useful to me. I would rather put a few shortcuts on the desktop.

The new Start Menu ?
For a meagre $5, Start8 does a much better job and looks just like Win 7.
With Win 8/8.1 and using Start8, I can click the Win logo at bottom left > click Windows 8 menu > and I am at Modern Start screen instantly. I can toggle between Start menu and Start screen at will.
With Win10 , I have to right click at taskbar > Properties > Start Menu tab > uncheck the box " Use the Start menu instead of Start screen " > sign out > after restart, click the Win logo again to go to Start screen. What a pain. And repeat the steps to toggle ? Forget about it.

Who said Win 10 is faster ? Not for me.

And, the fact that Microsoft denies me the option of Manual Windows Update is unforgiveable, and I voiced my objection in the Feedback.

As I said, I am just an ordinary Windows user. Perhaps in the hands of MVPs and MCCs, Win 10 makes sense and is better.
I would not have the expertise to share such sentiment.
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So your making this assessment on a product that has clearly been stated is work in progress? As for the Windows Update not being configurable, again this is a product not ready for sale. The developers are still working on it and need access whenever updates are released.

In fact this is your chance to make Windows 10 they way you want it. This is the reason why Microsoft released it so we all get a say so in how the finished article ends up.


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Yes, I am making the assessment regardless of what version the product is at, beta or final release.
As long as it is announced and introduced to the public, it is subject to scrutiny and comments, beta or final release nevertheless.


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I am not going to make an assessment of Windows 10. What I do know is for a beta version it isn't bad. As for the updates the options will be there by the final version. In a nut shell Windows 10 beta is working fine for me. A lot needs to be done to get it to the final release but I am patient.


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The only thing that is not compatible is Speccy. All else that I have had on Windows 8 does work.
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In fact this is your chance to make Windows 10 they way you want it
LOL, I think that this is a bit optimistic. But we can always hope,

I agree that it is far too early to make a reasnable assessment of 10. But what I see up to now, does not really excite me either. Maybe we are too spoiled from Windows 7. Remember the general excitement when we got that Beta version at the time.


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well just installed 10 as a triple boot....and have been running it for a few hours now...I must admit, it's the first OS beta from MS that works.


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They need to take a pause and send some guys over to the Windows Feedback Department to help straighten that thing out.
Search doesn't seem to work some error about my internet connection which is BS... When you drill down and find something that you'd actually like to "Me Too", you type some verbiage in the add some detail box and click the me too button and nothing. I didn't even get credit for clicking me to the number of comments didn't increment up, nor did my details get added.
I would really like to see them get this new Start Menu right, with just some simple folders that I can drop a bunch of games and apps into for grouping.
Sure would be nice if I could tell someone that.