Windows 8 5.1 sound problem win 8


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Jan 14, 2009
i installed latest driver for my new logitech z506 and when i do the test to the speakers its fine BUT when i listen to anything else,only my front right and left speakers work!can anyone please help me?

I checked the Logitech site and apparently these speakers do not need any software when used with Windows 8:

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What was the actual driver you installed? If it was a sound driver are you sure it was correct? Please post your system specification if you need any help in this direction.

thanks for the reply!i had also checked the logitech website and found the same thing. I installed latest driver (

sys specs:msi 870-c45,nvidia gtx 660,amd phenom 2 x4 955

Thanks for the info'. Have you changed the settings found via the control panel and Realtek panel?:

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yes i did and chose 5.1 and tested them and they sound fine, but when i listen to music, movies or anything else, only the front right and left works

no solution either!previously i had 5.1 on windows 7 and didnt have this problem.i dont know whats going on...

ok problem solved with movies and mp3s!!! now only youtube is working with the 2 out of 5

I'm not sure if it tells you on that webpage or not but apparently your not going to get it with some web pages due to how they are built

Ok thanks for your reply anyway :)!i hope when i get the new sabertooth z87, sound will be corrected as well...