80072efd error on windows updates and internet problem

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    Dec 1, 2015
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    Hello guys,
    Today i started to experience a bizzare problem. Suddenly i could not connect to Origin, Steam, Guild Wars 2, and some programs like that. I also cant do the microsoft updates, it gives error 80072efd. I cannot surf the internet with Internet Explorer while i can do it with chrome and mozilla. Plus i can use Skyp. Tried a couple of fixes but cannot seem to get rid of this problem. I also tried installing microsoft fix it but it cannot be installed because it cannot find an internet connection. But clearly i have an internet connection and can reach internet with chrome and mozilla. If you guys want me to post any scans or some test just tell me because i dont know what should i post about this problem. Any help will be appreciated much thanks in advance.

    Antivirus: Windows Security Essenntials

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