" ___ has stopped working" "windows is checking for a solution to the problem"

I installed "NeatWorks" (Neatdesk). When I try to open any of .exe files I get the "____ (the .exe) has stopped working; windows is checking for a solution".

Here is the notes after working with a Neatworks tech....

Program installs, with apparent success.

At end of installation, customers are prompted to register, using a .exe file that opens automatically.

This file crashes, as does every other .exe file associated with the NeatWorks software. Does not get the opportunity to create
a NeatWorks error, the error is always the generic "_______ file name has stopped working."

All NeatWorks program files can be found in Program Files(x86)\NeatWorks\exec. None will open.

NeatWorks uses .NET 2.0 to run, as well as Visual C++/Visual basic. This sort of error most frequently indicates an issue
with .NET 2.0. We attempted to repair the framework following these steps:

1. Start-->Control Panel-->Programs-->Programs & Features
--->.NET Framework 4 Client Profile-->Uninstall/Change-->
--->Opted to Repair .NET to original state. Appeared to run through successfully, but problem remained.

Any ideas on what to try next. I've tried the things in the "sticky" (Event Log; fixes, etc). I thought it might be something with the 32 bit / 64 bit thing. I tried searching here and on the net, but I'm at a loss.



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Is the program supposed to be compatible with Windows 7? Have you tried starting one as Administrator?

:p FIXED!!!! I finally found where I had 7 updates that were new, or didn't install correctly on the initial, for Windows 7. After letting these install, which took a long time for the few that there were, my program works! No more window error! Thank you Saltgrass for the input! Yes, it was compatible with Win 7. Sometimes, I think my issues are, being new with Win 7 Pro and having the 32 and 64 bit.

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