A plug for the new EaseUS TODO backup software!


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Hi Everyone.

I just downloaded and installed the new EaseUS TODO backup software on my computer.

From the time I started downloading the software to the time I had a completed backup and a bootable repair disk was less then an hour.

This software is really easy to use.

During the install process I specified where the backup was to be stored.
In a folder on my F:\ drive named EaseUS Backups.

So when I started the backup I had only to click on a button named, System Backup, (it has a Windows logo on it) and then look at the description, is shows what it's doing and where it's going to put it.

Then click on continue and that's it.

A half hour later my C:\ drive was all backed up.

I created a bootable disk using an option in the tools menu, tested it and it worked.
It immediately opened a window asking me if I wanted to boot into EaseUS or my hard drive.

When I selected EaseUS it opened the program window and had a big restore button that I needed to click on the restore my computer.

I notice that it also has a clone drive application and the options to back up specific partitions if desired.

All in all, it look like just what I've been looking for.


If it's this easy maybe people will do it for a change! LOL



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Thanks Mike - I'm all for making life easy!


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Hi again.

I just discovered another feature of this program that I think is helpful.

The saved backup can be browsed in Windows File Explorer and individual files can be expanded and restored on a need to do basis.

You only have to right click on them and select restore to original location.

This strikes me as a big improvement over the list of image files that I get with other software.

The final backup file uses about half the disk space and the expanded size of drive C:\ and includes the boot sector etc.
This is slightly larger then the backup created with Paragon.


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