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Today my computer suddenly froze up, I was in the process of deleting some files in file manager, not anything unusual at all.

Unfortunately it wouldn't respond to Crtl, Alt, Delete, so after trying everything I could I did a hard shutdown.

When it rebooted it said that the boot sector was missing or corrupt.

Luckily I had made a new backup yesterday.

I put in my Boot disk, and started the process, then went to make coffee, and put out the bird seed etc.

When I came back it was all done and back up and running.

This is the first time I've had to do a recovery since I installed my SSD to be my C:\ drive.

It was really fast, I don't know how long, because I don't know when it finished but I didn't expect it to be done when I came back.

The down side is that a video that I had finished and saved to the desktop disappeared and the work files are back to where they were when I did the backup, my fault for saving them to C:\.

I thought I had the computer straightened out after the Anniversary update but I haven't had that happen for a long time.

I may have to break down and do a clean install, tomorrow I'll download the Anniversary install file and create a DVD so that I'm prepared.

I would like avoid doing it until I get a new computer at the end of he year but I may not have the choice.

At least my other problems seem to have gone as long as I don't install Chrome.


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like a pro... well done.

Glad you saved yourself. It is always good to make a backup.


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I want to stress the one thing I did wrong here too!

I was making a short anti Trump video and because it was just a casual thing instead of creating a folder for it on my D:\, E:\ or F:\ drives I just saved it in a folder on my desktop.

So when my computer crashed and I restored my C:\ drive I lost all the work I did from the time I made the backup until I restored it.

That's why you should never put you work or anything you can't afford to lose on your C:\ drive, especially if you seldom make backups.

I was lucky that I just by chance I made a back up the day before it crashed.



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So many who will never read this thread could benefit from how close Mike was to losing everything
yet because he has a backup image file there never really was any danger. Whatever you do not backup has to be something you just don't care about as we often say....

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