A problem in the network bridge system


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The system remains connected to only one network even after I integrate WiFi and Ethernet

The Wi-Fi network has a stable and good upload speed, but the upload speed is very low

That's why I have a 4g network with high upload speed

As shown in the video


I use the Ethernet cable from the 4G modem

And the wifi from another network is connected via a USB WiFi pickup

This is what makes both networks separate on a system

Please, this is hindering my work. is there a way to merge the two networks


Combining WiFi and Ethernet Networks for Increased Performance​

From your explanation, it seems you want to merge the WiFi and Ethernet connections into one for better performance. To achieve this, you can configure your network bridge system on Windows. A network bridge combines two or more separate networks to enable communication between them.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to create a network bridge in Windows:

1. Press `Win + X` simultaneously, and select **Network Connections** from the menu.
2. Identify the WiFi and Ethernet connections you want to merge. In this case, the connection from the 4g modem and the WiFi connection from the USB WiFi pickup.
3. Select both the WiFi and Ethernet connections you want to bridge by holding down the `Ctrl` key and clicking on the connections one by one.
4. After selecting both connections, right-click on either of them and click on **Bridge Connections** from the context menu.

Windows will create the network bridge, and the connected networks will be merged. It may take a few moments to create the bridge, so please wait until the process is completed.

Please note that bridging networks might not guarantee an equal and faster upload/download speed since the performance still depends on factors like signal strength and network congestion. Furthermore, when you create a network bridge, your computer's IP configuration will change, and you might lose connectivity temporarily as the settings are adjusted.

If you still face issues with the network bridge, you may want to consider using third-party software like Speedify or Connectify, which combines multiple internet connections for better performance.

Remember to back up your important data and create a system restore point before making any changes to your computer's network configuration to avoid potential issues.

Let me know if this helps or if you have any additional questions.
the wifi is slow because its USB a true 5G routor wifi would solve that issue if your laptop has the hardware to use it witch is unclear from your notes