After installing an nvidea driver, windows 7 won't start.

Alright then, here's the plan that should do the trick and have the latest driver running too...

Boot to safe mode + networking. Download and run Driver Sweeper from and let it remove everything NVIDIA it could find. If you have an NVIDIA chipset, be careful about not letting it remove the chipset drivers. Only video ones.

Guru3D - Driver Sweeper

Reboot into safe mode + networking to obtain the latest NVIDIA driver that I linked to already from their site. Install, then boot to normal mode.

If this doesn't work (it should), I'll show you how to use the device manager to specifically install from the .inf.

Could you show me how to use the device manager to install from the .inf? I wasn't able to get the first route to work, but I will attempt it a second time while I wait to hear back from you.

Alright. I'd do this in safe mode because with the troubles you've been having, it's the best bet.

Somewhere, most likely C:\NVIDIA, you should have the NVIDIA folder with the latest driver extracted because you already tried to install from it. It extracts to this folder by default.

Alrighy then.

Use Driver Sweeper one more time to get rid of everything like I said, in safe mode. The reboot to safe mode.

Open device manager. Right click on the video card which should probably say "Generic" at this point.

Choose update driver software. Browse my computer. Let me pick... Have disk.... Browse. Now find and double click on the nv_disp.inf that is a few folders deep in C:\NVIDIA.

Hit ok and then hit next and it will install.

When done, boot to normal mode and see how it goes.

I am not seeing an nv_disp.inf file anywhere inside of the C:\NVIDIA folder. What does that mean?


Then in the top right search box, type *.inf

That will find it for you and you could then see its location.

I'm still not seeing it. Do you think it is there under a different name? Perhaps abbreviated or something?


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Still no Bios update?

I still am not able to see the nv_disp.inf file, even after showing hidden folders.

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