Anyone meet this error after W10 update?

Please help,
I dont know how to fix it. Just the error code 0xasd5sf when I enable the graphic to play game
Many thanks


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Can you please give us a screenshot of the error, as well as a few of the game titles that don't work so we can assist?

Tip: You can use your Print Screen (sometimes labeled Print Scr or SysRq) button on your keyboard to take a snapshot, then you can paste it into your reply using CTRL+V.


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Windows error codes are always in hex, this is not hex if there are 's' in them.


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Yup; that's a bogus error code, not from Windows, so it's either coming from a virus the Game app you are running.


Hi all,
You're right. It's not Windows error. It's virus.
I'd downloaded an AV & did a scan. It's fixed now.
Thank you!


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I was just coming here to say it's a virus.

In fact I typed in the number, (0xasd***) and my Malwarebytes virus protection popped up (Blocking the site) as soon as I clicked on the link that came up.

Glad to hear you have it fixed.


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