Automatic Update Check and Install Error Notifications


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There are a few things in Windows Update that have been bothering me lately, and they have been happening on two Windows 7 computers. I have tried a few things, but nothing has helped.
On one of the computers, I receive the following error:
"Windows could not check for updates automatically."
Other than this message which never goes away, everything about Windows Update seems fine, especially the fact that it's updating automatically without a problem. Also, whenever I click the message, all that happens is the computer checks for updates, but the message remains.
On the other computer, I receive the following error occasionally:
"Windows will install updates as scheduled."
This message seems to pop up when new updates are ready to install. Whenever I click on it, the message disappears, and Windows Support pops up, but it isn't any help.
Other than these messages, both computers seem to be in good condition regarding Windows Update, so could anyone tell me why the messages are there and how to get rid of them?