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I have Acronis true image 2010 and it works sometimes but I just got a corrupted archive and I lost my C drive. So I'm thinking about another Backup program, or buying Acronis true image 2012 with Norton Ghost 15 so if one fails I have the other, but for both of them to be on the same computer might cause problems. Any suggestions?


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Over many years I have never had a problem with Acronis, the corrupted archive may well be due to a media problem rather than software. I always keep three generations of backup on separate media. Running both Acronis and Ghost would not create any compatibility problems as they are completely mutually independent.


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Thanks patcooke, I'm just like you, I have 3+ copies ofall my OS's and I did try 2 images in different external drives and got the samething that the Archive was corrupt. It is a very old laptop so it doesn’tmatter. However I would like to check out the drive just to see what kind of corruptionit might have on it. I have Acronis 2010 and I can upgrade to 2012 with amazonfor less than $20 and I'm wondering if it's worth it?


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Like PatCooke, I've been using Acronis True Image since I can't remember when. I've found that it's very important to make sure you register your product with Acronis so you can then obtain any new build versions that may be available to you.
As they find and fix bugs, new builds are issued and it's critical that you are running the latest builds.

I have over the years had some issues with corrupted image files but they, like Pat was indicating, seem to be more a result of the media where they are stored than the software that created them, and often I could move the .TIB file from a removable media source onto a local drive and all of a sudden I could browse it just fine, sometimes going through the "MOUNT" process or sometimes just double clicking and drilling down.

I used the 2010 version and updated to 2012 when it became available at a price I couldn't ignore and am now Beta Testing 2013 on Windows 8 Pro RTM, as for some reason 2012 wouldn't install on the RTM as it had on all the Previews.

My recommendation is to keep as current as you can afford with respect to the version you are using and always download and use the latest builds as they become available for your version.
And there are folks here on this forum who use Acronis TI and Ghost both and I have not heard anything negative about using them on the same machine. I think they like the added peace of mind.

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Something to keep in mind about images is Acronis says defragging may corrupt an image. I use TI 2010 and have had good luck with it. I've seem mixed feelings on TI 2012 some people have no problems others seen to have a lot of problems.