Windows 8 Be careful with Space Bar in Metro


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In case you haven't noticed, if you are on the Metro UI screen and happen to hit the space bar twice, one of the tiles is unpinned from Start..

Not really sure why it would work that way.
Wow thanks Clark. Yep happened just like you said. Had to test it of course. Now if I can just remember what they were.
Thanks for the heads up.
I wondered what happened to the Chrome tile. Had to unpin/repin to get the tile back.
Yes, I did it and unpinned the Store Icon, you can just click All apps and it will show you all of the apps if you can recognize what was unpinned, you can then right-click any app and click Pin to Start.
Thanks for pointing that out. it has happen to me a lot and I keep wondering why I was loosing tiles. I just try it now and yes and lost a couple of titles. Microsoft need to fix it as soon as possible. we know this is beta, but I think it is a major problem which need to be taken care of now.