Blank login after login...


Blank Screen after login!

I wonder if anyone can help....

I had some malware/adware downloaded and although having removed it I now have this error..

a blank screen AFTER logging into my user account - I have tried creating a second user account I get the same....

if I press ctrl+alt+del to task manager and file run.. then by typing in explorer.exe I can access everything as usual...

I have also noticed a "Windows Script Host Settings" icon now appeared on my task bar which wasn't there before...

I have reinstalled Windows 10 (while keeping files) but the problem is still there...

I am concerned that 1) there might be some residual spam/malware and 2) it isn't working as it should be...

scannow comes up clear

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While your at it run...

SFC /scannow

from the command window.


Ps, I see you already did that, I missed that.

Can you start in Safe mode and see it the same thing still happens?

If all else fails you may have to do a complete reset of Windows 10, at least you can access it to back up all your files, but if you have a lot of software you'll have to reinstall everything.

See if there is anything here that is helpful.

explorer.exe does not start automatically

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Okay.. scannow done, chkdsk done nothing showing at all.. malware scans done from Hitman Pro, Malwarebytes, Kaspersky
I have reinstalled windows BUT kept 'files and personal settings' - which must be where the problem is...
Microsoft suggested a complete reinstall without saving files... I did suggest that I could buy a new computer as that would also fix the problem...

I do have a LOT of software....

The malware that was downloaded must have corrupted something but I just need to figure out what... (I think)
I will have a look at Microsoft - Disabling Windows Script Host
as apart from the alt+ctrl+delete to access explorer etc I do have on logging in a Windows Script type icon on the task bar.... which I can then close... I guess the two things may be related...


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I would look at running some rootkit scanners in safemode such as GMer, TSSD Killer

I have run GMer, TSSD Killer with nothing showing.... I am now running the microsoft malware tool which at the current rate will take about 3 days to complete...


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I was thinking of : C:\Users\Default\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Shell\DefaultLayout.xml
but I am absolutely not sure

Hi bochane.... when you say " C:\Users\Default\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Shell\DefaultLayout.xml"

what do you mean by that?

I don't have "Default"
I have "Default.migrated" and "DefaultAppPool"


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Default is a hidden user. If you just type C:\Users\Default in the address bar it will navigate to it.

okay... found that - and that is a first - never seen that before.... what do I look for in that file?


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It looks like the place where your desktop lay-out is defined.
May be copy this from a correct working Pc to your computer? But again I am not sure.

This is 'strange' having run Malwarebytes for the THIRD time the 'user innit' was located and deleted - as attached... and all works fine! :) Thanks for your help...



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I have seen that before. Possibly a new update changed the program and allowed it to find the problem?


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Check your links to your Internet browser, they may have added an extra URL, and everytime you click on it you visit that site get your malware back.
Check if there are extra programs installed just before your problem started..
Try another AV

Anyway good to hear you have solved it, but it may come back


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Not a bad thought to clean out all history in browsers at least this once.


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As mentioned by Henk and RichM, this may help solve your problem. If the problem persists, you may have to consider a factory reset on your Wi-Fi router or Cable Modem/Wi-Fi router combo device as well. There are now new viruses that infect these devices, and they are very hard to get rid of! The best way to do so, is to disconnect ALL of your wireless as well as wired-devices from the Wi-Fi router/Cable Modem-router combo unit, and perform the factory reset per the manufacturer's instructions. After the reset is done, reconnect only 1 device at a time to your router/modem and check for proper operation. Once the 1st computer is connected (a wired connected computer is best to use first if you have one) and working properly, add in the 2nd computer and test, if ok, add the 3rd computer, etc. etc.

NOTE: If you have a Cable Modem-router combo box or DSL Modem-router combo box, as Charter, Cox, and Verizon are now regularly using, it's best to contact them and have one of their Tech's walk you through this procedure. Many of the ISP providers have complete control over those boxes, and you cannot have access to them, as they either own them outright, or lease to you. Factory resetting these boxes can inadvertently shutoff your Internet due to something we call "provisioning", which checks your equipment's electronics for proper authorization to use the Internet from your location. If the reset is performed and you lose your provision on that box, you're Internet may no longer work.

If you have an older setup, for example you have 2 boxes; one that your Internet provider gave to you when you 1st had your Internet installed (may have been put in by your ISP installer or Tech), and the 2nd box could be a Wi-Fi router or a Wired Router that you purchased in a retail store like Staples or Best Buy or online. In this case DO NOT RESET THE CABLE MODEM OR DSL MODEM; only do the factory reset on the Wi-Fi router or Wired Router that you purchased!

If you do the reset on the 2nd box as per the above paragraph, and your problem persists, you may have a very stubborn virus and it may still be lurking on one or more of your PCs on your home network.:shocked: In this case, more drastic measures are required. If this occurs, it might be wise to employ the services of a licensed network engineer and pay him to sort this problem out for you. If you decide to proceed, the first step is to MAKE A COMPLETE BACKUP OF ALL PERSONAL DATA TO EXTERNAL MEDIA first on each and every computer on your home network. From there, you may be looking at doing complete windows reinstallations on all connected computers, as well as replacing your 2nd box router (wireless-router or wired-router).

Hopefully you don't have this problem, but it's been occurring more frequently here to my Customer's home computer networks, so this is why I mention it.

Good luck,

Thanks for advice... can I also ask re the 'secure' login settings in utilities? Does it matter if this is turned off? (I had to turn it off to get anything working) but as of yet I haven't switched the secure login back on... not even sure exactly what it does..

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