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[lang=iw]mse wana remove my antivirus whith firewall it says it will conflict soo i need delete it and install mse instead and what u want me to downlaod from sis website?[/lang]

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Choose Windows XP, IGP Graphics Drivers, then SIS650.

"SiS UniVGA3 Graphics Driver"

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[lang=iw]sorry for late replay iwhen i started scan with mse i waited some time then i got bsod soo i unistaled my old vga card and instaled what u told me

Date Driver 3/9/2006
Driver Version[/lang]

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Good job. If you have any more crashes, post them and good luck.

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Thanks you soo much man for helping me your dam smart and your really nice thx for being patient whith me i hope it end for BSODS if not il post latest Upload of Dump

now when i tried launch any game comp stuck or restart whitout bsod but it created new dump file


Thanks for the compliment, it's appreciated. :)

Anyhow, the latest crash dump you posted is corrupt. Post any new ones you may have from now on. In any case, your machine is already in a much better condition.

hi how are you today? after what we did together there is no blue screens any Longer but as i launch any game comp automaticly stuck or restarts and i got created new Dump with out see blue screen uploading the latest Dump File now


You're having an issue still with the SiS software.

I don't know how successful this is going to be, but definitely give it a try.

Navigate to C:\Windows\System32\drivers and rename SiSGRV.dll to SiSGRV.BAK

If you don't fin the file there, check C:\Windows\System32 or search the entire hard drive for it.

After you rename it, reboot. If you have any problems rebooting, go to safe mode and rename it to original.

hi thx for your quick respond i find in C\Windows\System32 the file sisgrv.dll i changed it too what u told me sisgrv.BAK when i tryed log in normal mode the vga messed up soo i hade go safe mode and rename it again

Download and run CPU-Z. Then post a screen shot of each the spd and memory tabs.

Go into the bios and Load the Optimized Defaults on the first page then save. If that's not there, then Load Failsafe defaults.

If those are not there, then find the DDR or memory settings and set it to auto so they are filled in automatically then save.

Make a new screen shot of the memory tab and then use the paperclip above where you type in advanced mode reply, to post it.

Yep, it's set unwell still. You have to set the RAM manually.

Make it so the frequency is at 200 MHz and timings are 3-3-3-8.

Right now you are at 166 MHz with timings 2.5-3-3-7.

So change the 2.5 to 3 and change the 7 to an 8, after changing 166 too 200 MHz for the frequency.

Save and then boot to Windows and make a new screen shot. Attach using the paperclip.

I keep asking for you to use the paperclip, so if you post anything else, please do so.

That latest screen shot is not well. It's good that you set it to 200 MHz, but the timings are wrong.

They are now at 2-2-2-5.

They need to be set at 3-3-3-8.

i am soo sorry i pressed go advanced then i saw paperclip i press it it gave me option soo i can atached file. what i did wrong whith paperclip i dont know and whith timing i have no idea how set them 3-3-3-8

You used the paperclip well, but simply attach the .jpg files and not a .rar.

You'll have to look in your motherboard manual for how to set the timings. The settings are probably very close to where you set 200 MHz. It is likely to crash now how it is because of timings too tight.

Anyhow, has the machine been crashing at all since setting to 200 MHz, out of curiosity?

ok since i changed too 200 mhz i was sufering and no crushed yet i understund what i did whith paperclip wont happen again sorry about that and i figure out how change the timings it was set by spdi changed it by User Defind but only could set 3-3-3-7 here atachemet of Cpu-Z Memory Tab Resaults


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