Blue Screen Of Death

Much better. Than 7 should really be an 8, but perhaps that will be alright.

Have you tried your games with it yet?

(You made it so the computer memory even works faster now, which will speed up the system in everything you do. :) )

in my bios no option for 8 and i go try any game now i hope it will work =) thanks u for everything

i tired play games same i got BSOD here the Dump file Hope its not Sis 651 again


Update your SISIDe driver:

siside siside.sys Tue Mar 25 05:50:44 2003

Choose Windows XP, IDE driver, IDE driver - then download and install: ""


Install the audio driver for XP from this page for a different motherboard, from ASUS:

ASUSTeK Computer Inc.


il updated both drivers u told me ide now 9/15/2003 and driver version 5.1.1039.2041

But Sound card driver the link u gave me p4s800D-X had the same version that i had beafore

Date 8/29/2003


How is the game now after updating the IDE driver?

If still no good, navigate to C:\Windows\System32\drivers and rename aeaudio.sys to aeaudio.BAK and reboot. See if the sound still works well. If so, leave it like this.

Also, definitely do this:

Return to the SIS site. Choose XP, then network driver, then SiS900 and Intergrated lan.

Install that update from 2006.


sisnic sisnic.sys Wed Apr 09 22:02:17 2003


i updated the lan driver now its date 2/22/2006 Version 2.0.1039.1190 i changed the aeaudio too bakand it disale it in device manager the good news i could play like 2 min beafore that even 10 ec i couldnt i got latest dump file


Test the memory overnight 8-10 passes with Memtest86+. See if any errors show.

Lan driver has not been updated yet:

sisnic sisnic.sys Wed Apr 09 22:02:17 2003

lan driver updated. i updated it after last BSOD i already checked mem test+86 and no errors was found

i did 4 passes in mem test

I enabled Driver Verifier and did how in the instructions i checked only

• Special Pool
• Pool Tracking
• Force IRQL checking
• Deadlock Detection

beacuse it instruction it says

Security Checks (Windows 7)
• Miscellaneous Checks

only for windows 7

then i checked all not microsoft drivers and press finishedit asked me rebot i did and i didnt see even one bsod i did something wrong?

there was verifier /query command in cmd i did it it resaults most of drivers whith 0 and some was whiht high numbers

Sounds good. Play a game and try to make it crash, then post the crash dump.

now the game when i start play just exit it and says send dont send

Try another game. If there is no bsod, then the game itself is at fault.

Trying phew others games i will tell u if its working

Cool...ya...if the games still do not work so well, you really should buy a cheap AGP x4 card to install instead. AGP x8 will work too, but your motherboard can only use x4 speed.

I recommend something like an AGP NVIDIA 6200A-Le which is very cheap. Games will play a lot better than the SiS onboard video.

Anyhow, yep, post the new crashes if any.

i wanted too buy video card jsut cant find one every one says they dont work any more whith agp 4x cards i got ati readeon 9800 pro i inserted it in asus mother board it was work but didnt go trow windows and when i put it out was soooo damn hot was afraid cpu fried on ati radeon soo i never put it again in asus

ATI Radeon 9800 pro is decent and probably 6-8 times better than what you're using. I used to have one too.

It will work fine in your machine now that we updated the sis AGP chipset drivers. Don't worry about how hot it gets. It's supposed to get hot.

Install the card then go into the bios and disable the onboard vga and save. Plug the monitor into the card then boot to Windows.

Then install this Catalyst Software Suite driver for it:

ATI Catalyst

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