Blue Screen on Startup, Safe Mode fails...

Here is a pic of BSOD CPU CPU.JPG

Can you post me a link for the Intel Storage Update? TY

After I download the software and I run the program...TADAH the BSOD!! Any suggetions?

What a mess on this machine....

Yep, check C:\Windows\System32\driver for iastor.sys. Make sure it's modified date is 2010.

If not, manually copy the .sys file and paste over.


Delete seehcri.sys Thu Feb 15 18:10:54 2007 in the driver folder too.


Update Wacom Mouse drivers:

wacommousefilter wacommousefilter.sys Fri Feb 16 13:12:17 2007 (45D5F401)
wacomvhid wacomvhid.sys Wed May 20 15:53:55 2009 (4A145FD3)
WacomVKHid WacomVKHid.sys Thu Feb 15 18:10:54 2007 (45D4E87E)


Uninstall VirtualCloneDrive.


Run chkdsk /r from a command prompt too.


Update the ValueAddedPackage from Toshiba's site:

TVALZ TVALZ.SYS Mon Jul 13 22:18:54 2009
TVALZFL TVALZFL.sys Fri Jun 19 06:05:44 2009
tos_sps64 tos_sps64.sys Wed Jun 24 01:31:09 2009


Also, uninstall Daemon Tools then after, use this to uninstall sptd.sys. Make sure to click uninstall while using, so it doesn't update instead:

DuplexSecure - Downloads

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Alright...My BSOD computer is startup repairing at the moment.... So how do you know that I have all these programs?! Are you like the computer JESUS?

lol nah - it's analyzing the bsod.

If you follow all that well, the machine is going to be fine.

All those things are notorious and must be taken care of.

Almost done.... But a little info for future people is that to update iaStor.sys you NEED to run as administrator or else BSOD!

Problem 1: Half way through Wacom install... BSOD!!!!
Problem 2: chkdsk /r = Access Denied as you do not have sufficant privilages. You have to innvoke this utility running in elevated mode.
Problem 3:Toshiba ValueAddedPackage= Setup TVAP error [0x8146045B]
Problem 4:Sptd program: C:\(userstuff)\SPTDinist-v175-x86.exe is not a valid Win32 application.

Everything else you told me to do worked like a charm.
Do you want me to start up with Boot Logging (I dont know what it does though).
Do you want me to upload another minidump?

Thanks again for all the help!!

Problem 4: DONE! Found alternate download site that worked. It was from or something like that.

lol so are you doing well there now?

If not, post new crash dumps and we can try to finalize the state of the machine to a well condition....see if all notorious conditions have been satisfied.

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