Bluetooth driver missing

l have windows 7 64 bit and have a motorola moto g 2nd gen added to it,l am trying to send pictures to computer via bluetooth but keeps saying not installed working.
l have tried through motorola and through windows microsoft and by clicking bluetooth in devices manager to up date but getting no where, lm not very computer tech, please any help appreciated
thank you

Hi there
thank you for your reply. it hasnt helped
any other ideas please


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Is your computer equipped with a blue tooth radio device to support communications between it and your phone.
The actual devices involved in the process are important to understand in order to provide any help, so....
Can you give us the exact specifications for your Motorola Phone and the exact specifications for the device on your computer that you would expect to support Bluetooth communications between the two? Any links to the devices and their associated manufacturer's website might also be helpful.

EDIT: As an aside... not sure that this will actually help but it might be worth a casual read through just for educational purposes.

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sorry for sounding stupid but what specifications do you need and where would l find them,lm certainly not up with computer stuff,l did go to Dell ,my make of computer Dell inspiron M5040 windows 7 64 bit and did updates,including bluetooth but still not worked
my phone is motorola moto 2nd gen android


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Did you read through the link I put in my post above?
Do you have a Blue Tooth Icon in the notification area down near the clock in your task bar?
You need to make sure that your have installed the latest driver from Dell to support your Blue Tooth radio, you should check here
It would seem that you have a couple options for your particular computer, if I've located the correct one.
I suspect it is likely the 1703 driver but it may be the 1704. You may have some documentation that came with your computer that may tell you which one it is.
Once the proper driver is installed and you've turned on Blue Tooth on your phone (it is not always or even often on by default as it impacts your battery) then it should be a simple matter of adding the pairing of the two devices.

I agree with Trouble... However, to further the explaining keep in mind you are trying to connect a multi-faceted device to your computer via BT. This means that once you got your BT driver issue solved you may need to download and install a driver package for your phone. This is not always the case, however, but it is a known issue with some smartphones. Also, again once you have your driver issue solved, Microsoft will install several BT drivers for your smartphone regardless if there is a driver package for your smartphone or not. This is because there are several ways that the BT signal can benefit your smartphone, besides just transfering files to and from. This includes (but not limited to) volume control, playing audio files from, using you computer's speaker and microphone as a hands-free device, et cetra.


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