Hi All, I am quite new to computers and have a very basic understanding. That said I am really enjoying learning and developing.

I have a problem setting up my bluetooth speakers. I have had the speaker set up for a little while and it was working brilliantly until a couple of days ago. When turned on, all audio (itunes, youtube and computer alerts) played fine through the speakers; if i turned the speaker off the built in lap top speakers kicked in. I did not need to relink, pair or reinstall at any time and I could just turn it on and again it would just kick in.

A few days ago the speaker didn't kick in but it was still linked/paired and connected. trouble shooter found no problems. The speaker works fine with ipad and phone.

I have tried to reinstall it but the laptop now doesn't even recognise it. I feel I am probably missing something obvious but it is driving me mad.

As I said I only have a basic computer knowledge but would like to crack this and have the speaker working as it was before.

Any help would be greatly received
Dave T

Hi All, Okay an update.
I have managed to install the bluetooth speakers although they still do not work, I have noted the following:

1. The speakers are showing on the devices page.
2. Checking the bluetooth connection page it is showing connected with a good signal.
3. However it is not showing in the playback devices page which only shows the internal speakers, it also doesn't show as a disabled device.
4. internal speakers and headphone socket of laptop are working fine.

I suppose the question is how do i get the speakers to show up on the playback devices so i can select it?

I am totally confused.

Any ideas? Thanks

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