bought desktop with win10 but want win 7

Can anyone guide me towards info on using win 7 instead of win 10, I recently bought an acer desktop which runs on win 10, I need to be able to use win 7 mainly because of software I need to use, only information I can find is when you want to revert back within a month of updating to 10 which in my case is not possible, hope someone can help, regards, john


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You would need to buy a downgrade license if that is still even possible.


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Well you can still buy Windows 7 DVDs in some stores but priced better with more options and better prices on eBay.
Boot to dvd drive and away you go. Before you do anything go to the motherboard mfgr's websites and be certain there are drivers for Windows 7 because if not it will not run right. You must have chipset, audio, video and ethernet drivers or it will not run right.


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You might also consider running W7 via VMware, a software virtual environment which allows you to run W7 programs and apps within W10 and you don't have to downgrade your machine. We have several users here who do this, and they are programmers and software developers.


Thank you very much for your replies. john


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You're welcome! ;)



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I'm interested to know what software that you can run in Windows 7 that won't run in Windows 10?

I haven't found anything that doesn't run in 10 even my old Tomb Raider games from the 90s can be made to run.

It is possible to dual boot Windows 7 and Windows 10, but it's easier to start with Windows 7 installed, so if you wanted to do that your would probably have to buy a copy of Windows do a clean installation and then install Windows 10 again.

You can run it in VM as BigBear said, but there are some limitations as far as what the Windows 7 install will see from the Windows 10 installation.



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Not much now that most of the Software makers have figured that customers are actually moving over to it; last numbers from M$ were around 110 million+ people have now upgraded.:up: That number is old by now.

The main program I use that won't run in W10 is TrendMicro RUBotted, which is an anti-Rootkit virus active detector program. This has been a problem since Sep. 2014 with early versions of the Tech Preview editions I installed. I've mentioned it in numerous posts. The deal now is that since the RTM release last July 29th (2015), the W10 COMPATIBILITY TEST spots this problem app and makes you uninstall it, or your W10 upgrade or clean install will fail.:(

The interesting thing is, that after you successfully get your W10 installed, you can reinstall RUBotted and it will then run and do everything it did in versions XP-W8x!:up: I've verified this on Pro & Home installs; both 32bit and 64bit machines back to 2006 hardware configurations. As normal, when you attempt to reinstall the app after your W10 is installed and working, you do have to disable all your AV/AS/IS/FW (Antivirus, Antispyware, Internet Security, Firewall) software programs including Windows Defender or MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials) if those are enabled.

I don't do Gaming stuff, so other guys might have some insight into Games that fail to work in W10.

Best, :brew:

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