BSOD cause of ntoskrnl.exe and nvlddmkm.exe

is it on driver file??because .sys is an ext file for driver...and i search on system 32 there isnt any file that u describe

and about the clock how can i change it??i dont even know how to enter my bios :X


He forgot to include the "drivers" part...I do it all the time too hahah.

My fault:

1. Rename them to .old in C:\Windows\system32:

PxHelp20.sys Tue Oct 28 14:25:49 2003
int15.sys Wed Oct 01 01:29:49 2003

Yes, in C:\Windows\system32\drivers. If not there, then check in c:\program files\acer\erecovery\int15.sys.

HECI.sys Thu Sep 17 15:54:12 2009
Intel(R) Management Engine Interface

where can i get update for these??

DKbFltr.sys Wed Mar 25 23:10:12 2009
Dirtek Keyboard

ewusbmdm.sys Fri Dec 12 22:27:48 2008
USB Modem/Serial Device Driver - or disable it in the device manager

ATSwpWDF.sys Fri Jun 26 16:08:41 2009
Beta Swipe Fingerprint Sensor WDF USB Driver
AuthenTec, Inc. - or disable it in the device manager

the latest update for 3 driver above is only december 2009,and the 2010 version isnt come out yet

Nothing different from the great advice which has already been given to you. Update the Conexant modem drivers, Fingerprint driver and the three others:

HSXHWAZL HSXHWAZL.sys Fri Feb 13 15:58:15 2009
HSX_DPV HSX_DPV.sys Fri Feb 13 16:00:17 2009
HSX_CNXT HSX_CNXT.sys Fri Feb 13 15:57:25 2009
XAudio32 XAudio32.sys Wed Apr 29 14:20:55 2009
ewusbfake ewusbfake.sys Mon Dec 29 22:57:53 2008
ewusbmdm ewusbmdm.sys Fri Dec 12 22:27:48 2008
DKbFltr DKbFltr.sys Wed Mar 25 23:10:12 2009
ATSwpWDF ATSwpWDF.sys Fri Jun 26 16:08:41 2009

yeah but conexant and fingerprint driver are the latest driver i had,the acer site latest update is 12 december 2009

i try to update dritek but the driver date isnt change somehow...

and about the ewusb from huawei i dont think any update is available...but if i uninstall it i cant connect to the internet anymore

If what you're saying is true (I didn't confirm nor deny) - then looks like your only choices are to purchase new hardware, use an older OS or contact the manufacturers and ask them why there are no updated drivers. We can't write them for you at all.

please help me analyze my CPU,i post some screenshoot of my cpu from CPU-Z the SPD and memory Tab :)
Your memory is set perfectly well in the bios and there is no issue at all with that.

yes and i already test it with prime95 for one night and not getting any error,i think the problem is with my huawei modem driver,can i disable it when i wont need it??

Tell ya a new crash dump and I'll do what I can to post links to what's needed or whatnot...

But along with posting the newest crash, also do this:

In start menu, type msinfo32 then press enter. File | save on opened screen. Zip the saved file along with the latest crash dump, then attach the zip.

is there something wrong with my latest dump?? and did you find anything wrong with the nfo file??

The formatting of your .nfo file would not be read, so I had to do some tricks to go through it...but I hadn't seen your post until now anyway.

1) Install this to update the modem drivers: 4740&OS=722&LC=en&BC=Acer&SC=PA_6

2) Install this to update the following driver:

DKbFltr DKbFltr.sys Wed Mar 25 23:10:12 2009

3) Install this new Synaptics TouchPad driver:

SynTP SynTP.sys Thu Aug 27 21:59:32 2009 4740&OS=722&LC=en&BC=Acer&SC=PA_6

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