BSOD - Sometimes seemingly at random. New Machine.


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Caused by: ntoskrnl.exe

Driver mouse/keyboard?

iso help :/



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*                                                                             *
*                        Bugcheck Analysis                                    *
*                                                                             *

Use !analyze -v to get detailed debugging information.

BugCheck 124, {0, fffffa8008408038, 0, 0}

Probably caused by : AuthenticAMD

Followup: MachineOwner
Bugcheck 124 means a fatal hardware error occurred. This can be caused by either failing/faulty hardware or software and I've seen this error crop up a lot in connection with these GPU's.
Other causes for Bugcheck 124 can be overclocking and what that can lead to such as high temps, instability and incorrect voltage settings. If you are overclocking please return to default values.
Sometimes it can be the Bios but I see your using revision 5.0 (version 5.0) of your motherboard and there isn't any Bios updates to be had. Just make sure stuff like browsers and flash utility are latest versions.
Can you post the make and model of your PSU please.

Your Broadcom drivers are dated 2009 please update:

Your Brother Mass storage drivers (USB) date from 2006 please update:

Avast AV is also known to cause issues from time to time. If the bsod's continue consider replacing with MSE as this is ultra stable:

Some users have found that turning off hardware acceleration will help using these cards:

If the bsods continue then please run these tests:

This will test the Vram:

Furmark, this will test stability under stress please run the burn-in test:

Please run a chkdsk:

If you own an SSD please make sure the firmware is latest version and that your running in AHCI mode.

Prime 95 will test the stability. Run the app and click just stress testing. Just run the basic test: All your checking for is that it runs stable and doesn't over heat so you only need run it an hour or so.

As with all the above tests please monitor temperatures, this app is handy:

And finally......

If after making the above changes you still get the bsod then you need to test your RAM.
Windows does have it's own memory testing app but it can often miss errors and the best app for the job is Memtest86. The latest version of which can be found here:

To run Memtest86 you need to either burn a copy of it to disk or use a USB stick. If you look down the page you'll eventually find the latest version and it's associated downloads. If your burning to disk choose the pre-compiled iso zip. If your using a USB method then the corresponding download is the auto installer for a USB stick.
Once you have Memtest86 on the media you selected you'll then need to enter your bios and change the boot order so that the machine will boot from either the disk or stick you have Memtest86 on.
Run the test for at least 12hrs if possible unless it becomes clear that there is a issue. If there is a problem with the RAM you'll see the errors pop up in red so you can't miss them.

Post any new dump files.


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Will do step by step.
Thank you, i will post my test in a few days.


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Im having problems :/

Step1 : Broadcom drivers are dated 2009 - idk the right Net.

Step2: Your Brother Mass storage drivers (USB) date from 2006 Never installed any of Brother products and idk what print/scanner/or any of other to install.

Step 3: Avast Remove, MSE install, done.

Step 4: Hardware acceleration never ON, always OFF, done.

BDOS continue. obviously step 1 and 2 not done.
also tried to run
This will test the Vram : result 20k error, and BDOS on 40 of 250 +-

Now cant turn BDOS is continuous and cant post the W7F file.
Will format, and try instal the drivers.
If possible, show me step 1 and 2 better. i greatfull.

after format and instals drivers, post the file if bdos continue.



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unfortunately I'm right in the middle of installing a new version of windows so don't have everything installed yet.
If your graphics card produced errors when running the vram test then it could be faulty.
You didn't post what make and model your PSU is.. Please post this information as it's quite important.
Have you tried booting into safe mode? If the machine doesn't bsod in safe mode then chances are it's a driver error.
To boot into safe mode press F8 continuously when first booting up. You might have to try a couple of times before you get into the advanced boot options but when you do look for safe mode and press the correct number.


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The graphic card produced error because got bdos when the test running. i supose.
My config:
Mother: Gigabyte: GA-78LMT-USB3 AM3+
Proces: AMD 8350 Eight-Core 4Ghz
RAM: 8GBB (2x4) Kingston Fury 1600Mhz DDR3
Graph: Radeon R9 280 3GB (384Bits) (200Series)
PSU: Thermaltake 650W SP650-P PFC Active 80P Bronze
Win 7 64b
In safe mode, i can use normaly, but, my screen is corrupted, like this, just the same view i have:;1030;772


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Going to format my PC now, trying another Windows 7.
And i really appreciate if i can have the direct links to download the right drivers of Step 1 and 2, If possible.

Formating now, will complete tomorrow.
Work + Studies = Zero Time : /

Will do my best on my machine this Sunday (tomorrow).
Will post my results.

Thanks a lot, for trying.
If confirm, i have a Graphic Card broken , will try to fix this problem with i bought.


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I format my machine right now, and the first thing i installed was the AMD driver of Graphic Card, after instalation, reboot,
and BDOS continuous. i think its my Graphic Card the problem?
I discover that was my Graphic Card the problem?
Or its because i dont updated windows or the drivers of my mother board?

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Step1 : Broadcom drivers are dated 2009 - idk the right Net.

Step2: Your Brother Mass storage drivers (USB) date from 2006 Never installed any of Brother products and idk what print/scanner/or any of other to install.
I'm unsure as to which drivers you need exactly. I can only point you in the right direction. You need to check the actual device your using and then use the above sites to find the right driver.
Do you use a USB device other than keyboard and mouse? An external HDD perhaps?

Broadcom relates to your network and internet access?

It does sound like your card has an issue. Can you try the card in a friends machine? Also another good test is Furmark:

Try the burn-in test if the machine is stable enough.

Is the graphics card still under warranty?

I only use mouse/keyboard.
About my broadcom, i get the drivers on this site:

Also, i thing i cant test on other machines, they use GeForce.
I have 12 months warranty, but its on another state. to send to they and they send me back another card or machine - 2-3 months.

I really working hard to fix my machine, but if its impossible, i use my warranty.

Going to format more 1 time, and install the Motherboard driver, them the graphic driver.
let see how works.


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Hi lk41,
unfortunately the link you supplied doesn't contain any Broadcom drivers.

How is your internet set up?

What do you use to access it? A router, USB wifi device or other?

As for the graphics card. I see your going to try a reformat. After you've installed windows try updating the os first before installing gpu drivers making sure it doesn't install any drivers.
Have you made sure that the card is sitting properly in it's slot and has the correct power leads attached?

Hi kemical,

The link i supplied is the link of the drivers of my motherboard. (rev. 5.0)

Also, i format the pc, without the graphic card. and works great, updated all the driver of motherboard.
But when i turn off, and plug my graphic, i saw the corrupted screen, without do nothing. just plug and turn on.
I think the problem is the graph card.
And sure, everything is properly attached.

About internet. cable rj45 directly from modem. (thomson)

And about the broadcom, i cant determinate:
NetXtreme I Desktop/Mobile

NetXtreme I Server

NetLink 57xx

NetLink 57xx

NetLink 4401

NetXtreme I Source RPMs

Public GPG Key used for signing packages

i will not install what idk. (trying one by one)

And saying about the machine, i cant do nothing, with the graphic card plug (always corrupted screen, and cant see nothing)

Thanks for helping me,
But i will use my warranty.


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To be honest I doubt the Broadcom driver is causing the issue anyway.
I also didn't realise you were using the machine without the card and that it was causing such bad corruption when plugged in. As mentioned previously your idea about returning the card sounds like the best course of action. Good luck with the new card!

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