Windows XP bsod while coonecting tata photon


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i use a desktop pc with intel pentium d and windows xp sp2 i receive x07e error when i coonect tata photon to my pc i am not able to know which drivers are causing the crash i tried reinstalling the usb drivers of photon but no use i am attaching the mini dump files in compressed form kindly help me to find the error


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Use !analyze -v to get detailed debugging information.

BugCheck FC, {b850b8e8, ab12963, b850b848, 1}

Probably caused by : USBPORT.SYS ( USBPORT!USBPORT_InitializeDevice+131 )

Followup: MachineOwner


all your dump files pointed to USBPORT.SYS which probably means you need to update your USB drivers or run windows update.

Check that windows itself hasn't become corrupted by running the system file checker. This guide will show you how:

BiosVersion = F8
BiosReleaseDate = 03/21/2007
Your bios has updates available:

I've been trying to find some later versions for your USB drivers but I think they are linked to the Intel chipset so try running the driver utility found here:
Hi Praveen,
that's great, let me know how things work out.
hi kemical
as advised by you i updated my bios and ran the system checker and did not found any usb driver updates on intel website but it did not resloved my problem so i entered into windows setup from sp2 cd and selected the option to repair previous version which solved the problem.
but great thanks to you as previously i tried to update bios but was not able to find it and is there any way to update windows without getting the windows geniune error as we use pitated copy of xp. and thanks a lot u rockk..
Sorry Praveen that's against forum rules and policy. ( I assume you did mean pirated copy)