Can I install Windows 8 ove Windows 8.1?

Michael Cullis

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I recently upgraded to Windows 8.1. All was fine until I tried to use my Xitel LP recording software. It didn't work. Xitel told me that they had no plans to make their software compatible with 8.1. When I originally upgraded to Windows 8 I got Xitel to work by running it in compatibilty mode (to XP). I've tried to do the same in 8.1 but the program runs rather erratically. Windows 8.1 doesn't seem to offer improvements which are relevant to me, so I am considering reverting to Windows 8. Can I do this by simple reinstalling 8 over the top of 8.1 or is there more to it?


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Yes. as long as you have a valid copy of Win 8 and product key, you can do a clean install of Win 8.


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I had to go back due to sound related issues as well.
There seems to be some basic problem with sound drivers that is causing glitches for a lot of people.


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