Can I map my User directory to another drive?

I created two partitions when installing Win7 RTM, a 65gb C drive for the OS and a ~800gb D drive for my applications. I didn't think about my User directory while doing this and where I'd store all of my music, pictures, and so forth. I like keeping everything in the User directory as it's easy to keep together. Is there a way to map my User directory to my D drive, or do I just need to re-install and create one huge partition?


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I'm not sure if this works on Win7, but with Vista if you move any folder in the user directory Windows registers the move and will put appropriate files (music, videos, pictures, etc.) into the new location. Win7 should work similarly...


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Yes, or, research Group Policy

Yes, almost

MS doesn't recommend moving the entire User directory, but you can move most of the user folders.

Just right click on the folder from the start menu, select properties, and go to the Location tab to move it to your second partition.

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