Cannot Install Windows 7 Updates

The log I sent you was after I manually installed that first of 3 MS Office updates but before I manually installed the other 2, which is why those other 2 aren't in the log. I'm no expert of course and this is just a hypothesis but I wonder if the MSE service was "holding up" the Windows updates and, once I stopped that service, the updates were able to complete. Could that happen?


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Well, I run MSE on all three of my systems. I have never seen the type of errors in my logs you show in yours.

The only time I have seen such entries is when I was testing Norton's Internet Security software.

Could MSE be interacting with something else--Possibly... You might check to see if you can find anything related to Office 2003 and Windows 7 problems.

Well I do have McAfee installed also so I don't know if MSE and McAfee can't play nice together, or it's something else. When I get the next batch of updates I'll see if I have a problem installing them with the MSE service on.


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Common general thought is that running 2 AV or AM apps in real time (running in the background at the same time) is bad. They can conflict with each other and cause false positives. One or the other should be disabled, or even un-installed. I personally would uninstall McAfee after all the problems I have read about. Keep MSE!

I would much rather keep MSE and get rid of McAfee. Especially since MSE has caught viruses and malware while McAfee has never caught anything, it seems to be a waste of space on my computer. Like I said before though, it's a work computer and McAfee is standard with every employee so I can't really get rid of it unless I notify the "higher-ups" that it's best to not have McAfee running with another virus program installed.

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