Cannot Reinstall Fresh Windows 7 (Multiple Problems)

Hi All,

I am attempting to install a fresh copy of Windows 7 on my laptop and am having multiple problems. I have done this a million times before and it isn't that hard, but I have never seen these problems before. The HDD is formatted completely empty.

1. When attempting to use the Reinstallation DVD from Dell, the DVD boots and the progress bar moves that says "Windows is loading files," then the computer restarts and it is stuck in an infinite loop.

2. When attempting to use a copy of Windows 7 on a USB drive, the drive boots up until you see the cursor to begin the reinstallation process, then the computer restarts and it is stuck in an infinite loop.

3. When attempting to use a Windows XP DVD, it starts the setup process, and then I get the blue screen of death with error:

STOP: 0X0000007B (0XF78D2524, 0XC0000034, 0X00000000, 0X00000000)

I have been able to boot command line Linux distros (haven't tried any graphical distros) without any problems. The computer is out of warranty so obviously Dell isn't of any help to me. Dell instructed me to run diagnostics on everything, and everything passed, so it doesn't seem like there are any apparent hardware issues. I tried pulling the battery and just using the power cord and also removing one of the sticks of RAM and attempting installation, but I have the same problems.

Please let me know if you could be of any help, I would greatly appreciate it!


Dell Inspiron 1545 (Late 2010)
Windows 7 Home Premium
Intel Core 2 Duo


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Don't use the Dell reinstallation disk. Try downloading the iso file and installing that. This will give you a pristine Win 7 installation without all the Dell crapware. You can try your OEM key to activate. You might have to call MS to activate, Some OEM keys work, some don't.


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The Bugcheck Code 7B says there is an "inaccessible boot device". Is the disc you are using trying to access a Dell Recovery Partition?

Ted seems to have more experience with this, but different Manufactures and even different computer models within that Manufacturer seem to have different ways of recovering their systems.

But using the DVD, you might try taking it out just before it tries the first reboot. Watch your fingers, timing is important since the reboot may try to close the tray before you are ready. The same thing with the Flash Drive. Once Windows has completed the first stage of transferring the files, it does not need the install media any longer.

How do you have the boot priority set in the bios?

I'm don't think the Dell Recovery Disc is trying to access the recovery partition because Dell told me I didn't have one. The only reason why I used USB installer is because I ran out of DVDs but thee shouldn't be a difference right? When it comes to boot order in the BIOS, I set whichever media I am using to attempt to install the OS as the primary boot source.

So you are saying to remove the installation media when I see the screen on Windows 7 saying "Starting Windows?" it reboots right after that screen, so just wanted to clarify!


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You can remove the media anytime during or after the first reboot. Windows loads the files with the white line across the bottom and reboots after. That is the reboot I am referring to.

The only problem I have is the fact XP is behaving the same way. So it almost looks like it can only look at the install media and not the hard drive. It should boot into Windows after the first reboot, as long as you do not press a key when the message occurs. So you should have the Hard Drive set as your second boot device.

How did you format your hard drive, or what did you use to do that?

As Tim mentions, you could download and burn a full Install DVD .iso for testing. If it installs normally, the problem would probably be with your install media. Don't know about the OEM situation, but I do not think it would activate that way.

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I formatted the drive using a command line Linux. I have tried burning install media and that isn't working either... the white bar goes across the screen, it says "Starting Windows" and then reboots to the BIOS screen. When I remove the media, it still restarts and then sits at a black screen with a blinking cursor.

My Windows 7 license is still valid so I'm not concerned with that, I just want to get an OS on this machine.

For some reason I was able to install Fedora Linux no problem from a USB... Like I said I just wanted to get something on there. I will now try to download a Windows 7 ISO and install and see if anything happens.

Burn the ISO @ a slow spd, X4 or less, less is better. Personally, from what you describe, sounds like hardware, to me. Or, maybe, I'm way off, on that but, ...


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Seems a little strange you can install Linux on a Linux formatted drive, but Windows will not see it.

As Drew mentions, possibly a hardware situation, or maybe you could use Diskpart to clean the drive prior to installing. You would have to be in the Windows Recovery Environment and a command window to use it, or if you can get to the second Install page after selecting a language, you could use Shift+F10, but it doesn't sound like you can get that far.

Fedora installed no problem and runs without any problems... I tried to install Windows 7 from a slow burned ISO and I am having the same problems. I tried installing XP as well and I am still getting the Blue Screen, even when removing the media once all of the files are loaded.

This seems to be a difficult mystery... do you think there is a problem with my BIOS? Although I'm not sure how I could update it, is there a way to do this through Linux?

It just kills me that nothing is working, especially because this computer is only a little over a year old :/


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Any chance you could get a new hard drive for testing?

That would be ideal but I don't think its necessary I just don't understand why any version of Windows won't install on this machine


I was able to get Windows XP to install on the computer, but Windows 7 still does not install with the same problems.

Now what do you think is wrong?

I will keep XP but if there's a quick fix that could possibly put 7 on it would be appreciated!

It is possible to have hardware that will not support 7 but, will support XP

But 7 was installed on this computer when it shipped, so it's impossible that this hardware doesn't support 7, as it was designed for 7.

Now in XP I have filterkeys stuck on. I have gone into the accessibility settings and turned off all accessibility options and it doesn't go off. It is a problem with both the laptop keyboard and a USB keyboard. It came up during the installation of XP and I haven't been able to get it to go away.

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