Cannot Reinstall Windows 10 On a Non-NTFS Formatted Disk


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I made the big mistake (head low) of installing Ubuntu 18.04 on my Surface Pro 4 with a complete disk wipe. I tried to reinstall Windows 10 from a bootable USB but it failed because the disk does not have a NTFS formatted partiton and the formatting option was greyed out. Should I do a NTFS format of the entire disk from Ubuntu running from a USB and then install windows? I would appreciate your suggestions on how to get back to Windows 10. Can't wait to have windows running again!



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You can format it from the windows installer. Windows should install fine after.


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If you go through the advanced menu you must certainly can, of course you can use gparted, parted or any other Linux tool to format it to fat32 or ntfs


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I checked again. I can only format the small system partition but it is too small (500 mb), thus I cannot proceed with the installation. On the other hand, I cannot format the primary partion because the format option is greyed-out (the icon).


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You're not formatting , you need to delete the other partition from the custom install menu. Windows shouldn't recognize the Linux partitions, so deleting any partitions it recognize should show the rest of the drive as unclaimed space. Then you can install Windows.


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If you want to run Ubuntu on your computer prepare your hard drive first.
Create a partition on your hard drive by making a space for in on your C:\ drive and then format and name the space i.e. drive D:\Ubuntu.

Then install Ubuntu on the partition from bootable install disk or flash drive on that partition.
I don't think it needs to be pre-formated.



  1. Boot from your Windows 10 installation media with the SSD loaded.
  2. On the Windows Setup window, press the Shift key + F10.
  3. Type diskpart and then hit Enter.
  4. Type list volume and then press Enter to display the list of volumes available on the SSD.
  5. Select the volume by typing disk <volume #>and then press Enter.
    • Replace <volume #> with the actual number of the volume.
  6. Type clean and then press Enter to remove all partitions.
  7. Type convert mbr then hit Enter.
  8. Type create partition primary and then press Enter.
  9. Type active and then hit Enter to mark the partition as active.
  10. Type format quick fs=ntfs and then press Enter.
  11. Type exit and then hit Enter twice to get out DiskPart.
  12. Restart your PC and boot from the installation media again.