Can't change drive names

I can't open or delete them

Sent you a PM, make sure your user has "Full Control" over the drive.


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I deleted them but nothing happens.

Delete them or remove open in notepad and remove the "Icon" string.

Hi there.
I have 2 physical HDs and one of them is devided into two drives, so basically I have 3 drives:

C: D: and E;

I want to assign names to each of them and I could only do so to drive C:, but I seem to ran into this message that I need an admisitrative ability while I'm the administrator of this computer.

Can anyone help me?


You probably are not THE administrator.. you are in the administrator's group.

The end of this blog:


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A restart solved the issue after deleting the autorun folders.

Thank you everyone.

- Create a user with admin previleges - say "Test".
- Now login to machine with the regular user (in my case it's user1). Right click computer -->manage-->Local users and groups-->go to propeties of user1-->remove user1 from administrators group and add him to only "Users" group.
- Now logoff user1 and relogin with user1.
- Now after logging in, try changing drive labels. Surprisingly.. u will be able to change the drive labels now.. No issues will be observed.
- Once u r done, logoff user1, login with the test user which we created earlier, and add user1 to admin group again.
- This worked for me. After this, u can deleete test user...

add system user in secuirity and give full permission to that and try renaming

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