Cant do @ with swedish keyboard please help.

like the title says i cant do @ with swedish keyboard I use ENG now because SWE isnt working with @.

cant even do the @ in virtual keyboard when I use SWE keyboard.


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Well I beleave they put the @ key in the same place as our ' so that makes it the one Left-next to your enter key... what key do you get instead of @, try that one?


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See if this will work for you. I was able to reprogram my Danish Ø & Æ keys successfully, and a couple of others.

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I have to switch to ENG layout to do the @ (shift + ä ) if i switch back to SWE i can't do it (Alt Gr + 2) to do the @. I fix this before with reinstalling the language packages for windows 10 but now the bug is back again. I guess i have to do it all over again.

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