Windows 10 Please Help! I'll do anything!

Clinton Coy

New Member
Feb 23, 2022
Hello everyone, my name is Clint and I just wasted no time when it came to screwing up my lovely new laptop. I've owned my computers and laptops for the last 30 years and have never posted in a forum for help. So, if anyone here can help me fix this I will forever be in your debt. Let me tell you how I got to this point first off short version I tried to do a reset in Windows 10 using a USB recovery disk that I had just made. I chose the option to delete everything and it got up to about 70% and then told me it couldn't reset it. Now it says All boot options are tried. Press F4 key to recover with factory image using recovery iteration. Now, in my bios, my hard drive doesn't show up in the boot options. When I boot from the usb, it doesn't have the reset option, only the recover from USB option, which fails every time at about 80%. I've looked on a bunch of different websites, but haven't had any luck. Here are my specs:
Samsung Galaxy Book 750XDA
Windows 10 OS
CPU: Core() i7-1165G7 2.8 GHz
CPU VT (VT-x) Supported
16gb RAM (16384 MB (LPDDR4x)
BIOS Version P14CFD
MICOM Version P14CFD
256gb hard drive

If you have access to another PC, you can go to MS and create a new USB key image. Appears the USB image is corrupted. Also, trysetting the BIOS to default. Does the disc show in BIOS, not in boot options but in the overview page?

Use Rufus on a different computer. Click the dropdown besides Select and choose Download. Then, click the Download button. Choose Windows 10 21H2. Select a pen drive to apply the Windows bootable to. Leave it in GPT mode for UEFI (non-CSM). Once it finishes, safely remove the pen drive and insert into the problematic laptop. Boot from the pen drive and click Next, then click Repair Your Computer. Troubleshoot > Reset This PC. Media created with Rufus is much more reliable and free of problems than that from Microsoft's own tools, so it should work this time. Your laptop isn't screwed, only the existing Windows is.