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Windows 7 Can't find Card Reader on Computer


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Nov 17, 2009
I have a 5.25 media dashboard and when I go to put my sd card in it does not do nothing. Have checked device drivers and looked in my computer. It does not show. Is it possible that there is a driver missing?

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Hi Sonny:
Check you BIOS and make sure that nothing has been disabled with respect to this device. Usually these attach to a motherboard USB header so check under Advanced and or Peripherals for anything related to "USB". You may also want to check and confirm that both ends of the cable connection are correctly oriented and firmly in place.
Regarding a needed driver? I wouldn't expect you to need anything special but to confirm this you might want to take a look at Device Manager and see if there are any problem or "Other" devices. And if possible test your SD Card on another computer to confirm that it is not the problem.
I'm assuming that at some point this device did work? Sometimes the IC board on these devices can just go bad.
Is this a new piece of hardware you've added to your system? If so make sure the header pin connection is lined up correctly. I know with mine, when I installed it for the first time, it acted/preformed just like you described. When I flipped the header around....instantly on boot up is was recognized and when I insert an SD card the light pops on showing it's active.
Thanks guys, It had worked previously on my old board. My mistake, after going back and tracing down the right connection, I found out this morning that I did not have it fully pushed in. It is working ok now. I have got to learn to be more patient.
Yep...firmly seated gets us all....lol